Bar Sign Ideas – Buying The Right One

When you have a bar at home, whether it is a small bar or a large bar, an inside or outside bar, there are a lot of fun things to include apart from the bar itself of course, and they can be fun to purchase too.

One of those super fun things to buy is a sign, because every bar needs one, they are a must have item and cannot be left off the home bar purchase list. Here are some bar sign ideas that range from classic to personalized.

A Good Bar Sign

Any bar sign is a good bar sign in my opinion as long as there is a bar attached to it or in the close vicinity of it. But that aside, a good bar sign is one that you like, one that you choose, you personalize or you get custom-made, a good bar sign is about you, it’s a reflection of you (not literally, that’s called a mirror).

It may be something you pick on your own, or it could be a joint decision with your partner or family, and what ever type of sign, be it classic or funny, just have fun with it, enjoy the process, just make sure you get one.

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The Classic Bar Sign

A sign simply with the word ‘Bar’ on it would fall into the classic bar sign, the design can be from metal, wood, plastic or any material, and it can be any shape or size too.

Add an arrow or the words ‘This Way’ and you are still in classic sign territory, even if you add a name like ‘The George’ or ‘Andrews’ this will still fit within this category.


A classic sign whether you buy it off the shelf or have it custom-made will always make a good sign for any bar.

Vintage Bar SignVintage Bar Sign

This can fit into a classic category too, an old vintage sign would surely be classed as a classic sign, some old type designs were just great, it makes you wonder why they don’t make them like that anymore.

But they do, they are brand new, they just look old by design.

The Personal Bar Sign

This type of sign can be anything and say anything, it’s personal to the individual. These are similar to personalized T-shirts, you can buy them off the shelf and just add the text you would like and they are made to order.

This might just be a case of adding your own name, or a complete message, it will depend on the space available on the template. You can be charged by the word or character and sometimes there is a word limit.

If you have a specific phrase you want then this could be the way to go.

Custom Bar Sign

Taking it a little further, you can go the whole way and have your bar sign custom-made, your design and your words will be made for you, it could be the most expensive option, but worth it.

Funny Bar Sign

Funny Bar SignWe all have a sense of humor, and we all like a laugh, after all it’s good for you, so a funny bar sign may be the way to go.

Just having a quick look I found a few slogans that would fit with a funny bar sign .

  • “I only drink on days that start with T, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Today and Tomorrow”.
  • “When life gives you lemons, grab Tequila and Salt”.
  • “If you are looking for a sign that you should have a glass of Wine, this is it”.
  • “Beauty is in the eyes of the beer holder”.

These are just a few, but there are loads more, the list is endless and you may even have your own one that springs to mind. A good place to look, to get ideas is Pinterest, there are pages of funny slogans related to beer and drinking.

Be careful though as there are some that are bordering on offensive and some that go way over the line of offensive, so be warned.

Funny signs are a good lighthearted way of enjoying your home bar and always a good talking point.

Neon Lights Up The Night

Neon Lights Up The NightA neon Bar sign is always a cool option, what could be better than a bar sign in lights and they can even flash on and off, but I wouldn’t go that far.

The old type neon lights were made up of a sealed glass tube and filled with several gases which are caused to light up when a high voltage is passed through the electrodes, or something to that effect.

These days LED lighting is the way to go and they do a pretty good job of imitating traditional neon lights. They cost less and use less energy too.

There are some great designs too and you can also get personalized neon type lights.

Cool Bar Signs

If it says bar on it, or beer served here, then it is a cool bar sign, it doesn’t have to be complicated or play you a tune when you walk past it, it just needs to represent the great bar you have in your house. I say great because any bar you have in your house is a great bar and the sign you pick to go with it is also great.

You cannot under estimate the importance of a bar sign.

You may think that I am being a little over the top when I say that, but it really is important, a bar without a sign is like a book without a cover, it’s like a car without wheels, it’s just not complete.

A bar sign should be on your purchase list early on, but if you have left it off, for whatever reason, then add it, and if you have just plain forgotten to bless your bar with a sign, then shame on you, now is the time to put that right.

Okay, if you really don’t want a sign for your bar, then I won’t tell anyone. However, you may not of thought you wanted one, but aren’t you just a little tempted now, of course you are.

Bless your home bar with a great sign.

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