BRLO Brewhouse

BRLO Brewhouse is a microbrewery based in Berlin, Germany. Founded in 2014 by Christian Laase, Katharina Kurz and Michael Lembke. A fourth member Ben Pommer joined the team some time after.

The early days saw the BRLO team rent space in other breweries to craft their beer. However in 2016 they started the build on a brand new brewery. Built from converted shipping containers the facility opened its doors in 2017.

Since then BRLO has seen some decent growth adding a pub and bars, as well as another small brewing facility.

Their concept is about quality beer paired with quality food, so all there outlets include both beer and food. The food part concentrates the vegetables as the main part, with meat as a garnish.

A modern exciting brewery, BRLO look to keep growing and keep producing exciting modern beers, as well as good food too.

On this page you will find any BRLO beers I get to try, so the list will grow over time.