Build A Home Bar – Home Bar Plans

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Although there are an abundance of bars available to purchase for your home, and from many outlets, there maybe a different approach you can take, maybe you could build a home bar. Before you run a mile, it might not be as difficult as it might sound.

A home bar building kit, like a flat pack sounds easier, but we all know they never live up to expectations, and they are a nightmare to build, so why not build a bar from scratch.

Stay with me on this one, even if you think it is totally out of your skill set, sometimes we have to venture out of our comfort zone, and when we do, great things can happen, so bear that in mind and read on because I know you have got this.

Building Your Own Home BarBuilding Your Own Home Bar

It sounds impressive and exciting but building a home bar in reality is pretty daunting, but not impossible. For those that have woodworking skills and tools skills there will be a certain amount of ‘Yea no problem, I will get started right away’ talk, but for the rest of us it is OMG!

It’s a mind bend just thinking about how to even get started on something that sounds like a massive mountain to climb. If you actually take a few moments to get over the magnitude of such a task though, step back and break down what is involved, then that shortness of breath and outright panic subsides and you start to see the task as doable.

If there were some custom home bar plans you could get your hands on, then doable it is indeed.

Bar Plan

To build your home bar you are going to need a plan, remember the famous Benjamin Franklin quote “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail”, now while he was probably not referring to building a home bar when he said those words, it is still relevant.

You will know in your mind what type of bar you want, the size and design have probably been active in your imagination for a while. All you need to do is transfer the picture from your mind onto paper, work out the measurements and list the quantity and type of materials you need, simple.

If like me that sends you into a frenzy, then relax. Don’t panic as help is out there in the form of diy home bar plans.

Home Bar Design Ideas

Home Bar Design IdeasAll the hard work of great home bar designs can be done for you, and I am not talking about hiring an architect or an engineer to come and create a plan for you, no that would be way to expensive and besides there is a better way.

You may have some small home bar design ideas or just some faint pictures in your head, but for some ready-made cool home bar designs, then it makes sense to use the ideas of someone else. Let someone who knows do all the leg work, and you just use their ideas and designs to build a home bar for yourself.

To have access to a choice of bar plans is to be equipped with the most important and probably the main tool to get the job done.

Indoor Bar Plans

When it comes to an indoor bar you will need to plan exactly where you intend to build your masterpiece. If space is tight then you will need to look at small home bar designs and layouts. But if you intend to dedicate a whole room or perhaps even your basement to the bar set up, then you can look at grander designs of even combinations of bars and cabinets, you can really scale it up.

Whilst you will need to think about the rest of the area or room around your bar and what is going to fit in, what will be fixed and what will be movable furniture, the bar itself will rise from your custom detailed plans.

Feeling more confident?

Outdoor Bar PlansOutdoor Bar Plans

An outdoor bar does not necessarily change a lot in design, but you will have to take into account the materials you are going to use and the typical climate you live in. It is no good using materials that will not with stand rain if you live in an area that gets a lot of the wet stuff.

The size of your project will of course depend on the outside area you have available and how much of that area you wish to lend to your bar, the same goes for furniture and other fixings.

Being outside your bar may need a roof, and without a proper plan this is something that could easily be forgotten.

Okay you probably wouldn’t forget a roof, I am just trying to put across the importance of planning.

DIY Home Bar Plans

To do it yourself does not have to be hard, with the right plan and the right material you are halfway there and a plan will not only show you what you need for the job, but how to construct your project too.

A Good Plan will save you time and money and give you that satisfying feeling of knowing that you built your own home bar, little old you, the builder of bars. It is a proud moment when your friends are admiring your bar and ask where you got it or who built it, just go easy on the bragging.

You may just want to browse online and find a prefabricated bar for your home and that is just fine, in fact it is more than fine, it is great. But if you like the idea of building it yourself, then don’t make it difficult, get yourself the right plan to give you the right start from the outset.

Whether it be a basic straight bar, an L shaped bar, a round bar or a Tikki bar, there will be a design for it, and the size can be adjusted to suit the area it is being built in. Any basic bar design can easily be adapted to any theme you desire.

Don’t shy away from doing it yourself, remember you can be the builder of bars.


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  1. Wow, thanks for sharing all of these ways to build a home bar. After spending so much time at home last year, we really started to look at how to better utilize our spaces. We also spent a lot more time outside. An outdoor bar would be the perfect addition to our deck. It’s the perfect place to keep party supplies and an ideal space to hang out with friends!

    • I think most people looked at their homes in more detail during the lockdown months, and there has been an increase in home improvements, including the addition of home bars. An outside bar as you say Ali is a perfect addition to a deck, and I am sure you will love it.


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