Crafty Devil Brewing Co

Crafty Devil Brewing Co is now a well established craft brewery in Cardiff, Wales. However it started life in a shed.

Two friends Rhy’s Watkins and Adam Edinborough decided to start brewing beer after a brewery tour. Their intension from the start was to brew craft beer commercially.

So in 2014 the first brewing got under way in a garden shed at the home of Rhy’s. The shed was the brewhouse for a good nine months before they moved to the current location in Cardiff.

They took the craft beer scene in Cardiff by storm building up a loyal following of beer fans. Today they reach far and wide and their beer is available throughout the UK.

There are two Crafty Devil bars in Cardiff, both include shops where beer can be bought in cans and bottles. On this page I will include all the beers I get to try by Crafty Devil. The list will grow over time, enjoy.

Hells Bells Lager From Crafty Devil

Hells Bells + Fforest Haf