Is Mad Goose Pale Ale A Decent Beer

Mad Goose Pale Ale comes from the Purity Brewing Company set on a farm in the Warwickshire Countryside England. It is packaged in a new lightweight bottle to lower their carbon emissions, which is great, but is it a decent beer.

Mad Goose Pale Ale is a decent beer, in fact it is a really great version of a pale ale. A little light on the nose with a malt base and just a hint of citrus aromas. However the taste pops in the mouth with a smooth malt base and hits of citrus lemon and pineapple. A clean bitterness kicks it on the finish and leaves a nice aftertaste. It gets a rate my beer score of 4.7 out of 5.0.

It has the feel of a real old style pale ale, nothing fancy just good proper beer with a strong body, little citrus kick and a hoppy bitterness.

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Mad Goose Pale Ale Review

Although it is nice to have a draught beer, I do like a bottled beer. And this one stands in a large 500ml brown bottle.

However it is no ordinary bottle, this is a new lightweight bottle. A step that Purity have taken to lower their emissions. The new bottle is 50g lighter than their old bottles and lower their packaging emissions by an impressive 13%.

The label is plain and simple with a mad looking goose on the front. A goose that is part of the Farm that Purity Brewing resides on. Lets just say that goose is a little feisty, which is why they named a beer after her.

Mad Goose pours a clear gold with a one finger white top. The head fades a little, but then sticks around for the duration.

On the nose this beer is a little light, just a slight aroma of caramel malts with the tiniest hint of citrus. Maybe I served it a little too cold, but that is fine.

Although I didn’t get much nose, it is a different story with the taste. A smooth caramel biscuit malt coats the mouth, followed by some tropical citrus flavours of lemon, pineapple and grapefruit.

The star of the show is a nice clean bitterness that kicks in and leaves a satisfying aftertaste. There is nothing fancy with this beer, its just a real beer with a clean fresh taste.

Mad Goose Pale Ale Score

The goose maybe be mad, but the beer isn’t, it just a really good beer. It has an old style pale ale feel, nothing fancy, no bells and whistles, just proper beer.

And at just 4.2% ABV it is okay to crack a second bottle open and let the enjoyment carry on.

Mad Goose Pale Ale is a decent beer and gets a rate my beer score of 4.7 out of 5.0.

M’Lady is onboard to saying “A traditional style pale ale with hints of citrus and a soft bitter finish, I like it.” Lou scores it a solid 4.5 out of 5.0.

Good job Purity Brewing for the Mad Goose.

Purity Brewing Co

Purity Brewing Co is now a well established brewery and one that is well respected in the Industry. They have claimed many awards in the breweries near on 20 year history.

Started by Paul Halsey and Jim Minkin back in 2005 they have come along way. Sadly Jim is no longer with us, but his presence lives on in the brewery I am sure.

The brewery produce a good range of real ales as well as some craft beers too. Most of which have been brewed by head brewer Flo Vialan who started brewing beer in the Alps, but in 2006 found himself at Purity.

One thing you know you will get with Purity beer is quality, good ingredients brewed with sustainability and the environment in mind.

The Purity Range

Like I said Purity brew a good range of beers from lagers, cider, best bitter, to pale ales, IPA’s and real ales. One of which is Pure UBU, which is a Premium Amber Ale that is just a little too sweet for me.

I may not be as keen on the Pure UBU as I am the Mad Goose Pale Ale. However there are plenty of the Purity beers I do want to get my hands on.

Here are a few of their beers that have caught my eye.

Longhorn IPA

Longhorn IPA is a beer inspired by and named after the herd of Longhorn cattle who live at the Brewery Farm.

Brewed with a selection of quality malts and hops to capture the essence of both American and English pale ales.

A hoppy beer with tropical citrus fruit tones, a sweet rye malt body is perfectly balanced by some nice hop bitterness. At a straight 5.0% ABV it sits on the fence of session, and its one I will be gunning for.

Pure Stout

Pure Stout is a Nitro Stout weighing in at a session 4.7% ABV. As a nitro stout you can hard pour it in the glass and let it settle to perfection.

It is described as an uncomplicated beer with simple tasting notes of dried fruit and chocolate. I like a stout and this one sounds great, its a beer I need to hunt down.


Jimbo is a best bitter made with English hops for that best of bitter taste. The beer is named after one of the founders Jim Minkin, who sadly passed in 2020.

One of the hops used is Emperor a new hop from Charles Faram and named in the memory of Jim.

A session beer at just 4.0% ABV it has notes of berry fruits and a nutty bitterness to finish. I like a good old best bitter so this one gets on my beer hit list.

Final Thoughts

Purity are a brewery that stands for quality with an ethos of brewing the best beer with the best ingredients. As well as keeping a watchful eye on their sustainability and carbon footprint.

The quality shines through on the beers I have tried from the Purity brewery. I am not that keen on Pure UBU because if the sweetness. However I love the Mad Goose Pale Ale which will be a welcome regular in my cooler.

If you have tried any of the Purity range, then do share your thoughts below. Gives us your heads up on the Mad Goose Pale Ale.

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