Is Sunny Dai Golden Ale Any Good

A Golden Ale from Bragdy Teifi or Cardigan Brewery at Cardigan Bay in West Wales. This beer is part of the Crafty Dai range. But is Sunny Dai Golden Ale Any Good?

It is bottle conditioned, so will continue to develop in the bottle. This also means that it will contain sediment, which means pour it carefully and hold a little back to avoid the sediment. Or pour it all in and enjoy a hazy ale with sediment and all.

Is Sunny Dai Golden Ale Any Good?

It’s a great golden ale, in fact it is one of the best golden ales I have had. It pours a hazy burnt orange with just about a one finger head. On the nose is a little malt with an orange citrus buzz, it smells fresh. The taste is nice and hoppy with citrus orange laying over a mild malt base. A good carbonation swirls the beer around the mouth and the finale is a nice bitterness. It’s good and gets a rate my beer score of 4.7 – 5.0.

A full body golden ale with plenty of flavour, I like Sunny Dai.

Bragdy Teifi

Bragdy Teifi which in English is Cardigan Brewery started life as Penlon Cottage Brewery in 2004. It was originally based by a small village Pencae.

It moved a few miles down the road to a farm above the village of New Quay. In 2020 the small brewery merged with Innkeeper Wales and the name changed to Cardigan Brewery.

They operate a brewery and tap room at Y Bryn a’r Bragdy, which translates to The Hill and The Brewery. As well as the Gwesty Glanfa Teifi which is the Teifi Waterside Hotel.

They produce the Penlon range as well as the Crafty Dai range and all their beers are bottled conditioned. This means there is a secondary fermentation happening right in the bottle.

Is Sunny Dai Golden Ale Any Good?

Sunny Dai Golden Ale

The brown bottle has a bright orange label which reflects the beautiful orange beer and the sunny name. A beer infused with marmalade and coriander seed for a fruity and spicy ale.

The pleasing orange aroma and taste obviously is down to that marmalade. However I didn’t get the spicy notes, but who cares when you have that nice bitter edge to it.

I poured the beer straight into the glass as I am okay with a little sediment, it all adds to the flavour in my opinion.

So it pours a lovely hazy burnt orange with a one finger white top. The head does fade to a thin cover just about holding on for the duration.

On the nose it is fairly light with a little malt and citrus orange/tangerine notes. It has a real fresh like aroma that draws you in for a taste.

And it doesn’t disappoint either, a nice hoppy freshness hits with a distinct orange citrus bite. A little malt lays in the background for support. There is a good amount of carbonation buzzing around the mouth and it all ends with a satisfying bitterness.

It’s a real nice golden beer with a good body and strong flavours. It fits well in the session range at 4.5% Vol and gets a mighty 4.7 – 5.0 rate my beer score.

M’Lady likes it too, saying “The label reflects the beer which is a sunny lively fruity beer.” Lou scores it a little less at 4.3 . 5.0.

So Sunny Dai is a great beer from a small brewery in Wales, good job.

Bragdy Teifi Beer Range

Is Sunny Dai Golden Ale Any Good

Cardigan Brewery then is a small brewery that produces two ranges of beer. The Penlon range and the Crafty Dai range.

I actually have another four of the Crafty Dai range waiting for my attention. So they will be featuring soon, they are Desperate Dai which is a Best Bitter. Also Crafty Dai a strong pale ale, Dai IPA a hazy IPA and Dirty Dai which is a porter.

Also I have tried a few of the Penlon range in the past, but will have to revisit to review them. Here are a few of their beers to consider.


Ramnesia is a strong ale and comes from the Penlon range of beers. It is a dark beer described a being smooth and full bodied. Apparently it has a long finish, I hope that finish also has some bitterness too.

It weighs in at 5.6% Vol, so is not one that qualifies as a session beer. Sounds like a proper beer that will need to be tested in the future.

Cardi Bay

Cardi Bay is a good old down to earth best bitter, yes please. Just what you want from a standard best bitter, it’s described as a rich malty beer with a smooth bitter finish. Indeed exactly what you want form a decent bitter, I’m in.

A perfect session beer at just 4.0% Vol. It will be interesting to see how it compares with Desperate Dai, the best bitter from the Crafty Dai range.

Dai Lawn

Dai Lawn is a Pilsner style lager brewed with Saaz one of the original noble hops. So it will have that continental style and is said to have a light spice flavour. It also has a refreshing finish to it, sounds like a thirst quencher.

I deal to enjoy on the lawn at a summer barbecue. However don’t get too carried away as it is at the high end of session and weighs in at 4.8% Vol.

Final Thoughts

If I remember correctly then the few beers I have tried in the past from the Penlon range were good. However as I said, I will have to return to refresh my memory.

Sunny Dai golden ale is the first one I have tried from the Crafty Dai range. The verdict is good, its a cracking beer. So looking forward to trying more from this range and reporting the results.

Cardigan brewery although small are producing some great beer, real down to earth ales for those that love a decent beer.

If you have tried any of the Penlon or Crafty Dai range from Cardigan brewery. Then do share your thoughts and let us know what you think.

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