Manns Brewery

Manns Brewery doesn’t actually exist anymore. However it started out life as the Albion Brewery in Whitechapel, London, England in 1808.

It then became Blake and Mann in 1819 and solely owned by James Mann in 1826. Two partners came on board in 1846, Crossman and Paulin.

In 1875 Mann, Crossman and Paulin built another brewery in Burton On Trent which included a cooperage, as well as twelve cottages for brewery workers.

However in 1958 the brewery merged with another large concern Watney, Combe and Reid. This formed Watney Mann. The original brewery in Whitechapel closed in 1979.

A vast number of buy outs and takeovers happened over the years. Today what is left of the beers brewed by Manns are owned by Carlsberg Marston’s.

I am sure there is only one and that is Manns Brown Ale, said to be the original brown ale.