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The recent restrictions that we have all faced has had many of us making improvements in our homes, from simple diy projects to more elaborate projects like a home gym or even a home bar. Then there are those that have started whole new hobbies from knitting, cooking and even cocktail making.

A new hobby that has become popular is home brewing, many of us are brewing our own beer right out of our own homes. What if you like the sound of brewing at home, but don’t know where to start. You could pick up tips and tricks on Youtube and the like, but what about some real online beer brewing classes.

Online Classes

The best thing about online courses are that you can learn at your own pace and do it all while in the comfort of your own home. There is no pressure or time scale to keep to, you can fit your learning in when it is convenient to you.

Online courses are normally very well priced, so it does not cost you the earth to learn the things you want to. All you need is a computer and an internet connection and you are good to go. Learning online is a great way to learn and you will be surprised how many courses are available in so many subjects.

I have researched and sourced a few good home brewing classes.

Learn How To Brew Beer At Home

Learn How To Brew Beer At Home

This is a course that runs on the Udemy learning and teaching platform which happens to have around 130000 online courses, so it is a great place to learn many skills.

This particular course teaches you how to brew beer at home in 5 easy steps. You are taken through the whole brewing process and learn how to produce 5 gallons of great beer. There is minimal equipment needed and you get a list you can download of what you will need to get.

There is around 2 hours of video content to follow along with and you even get a Pale Ale recipe that you can download. This course has been taken by nearly 2000 people and has a 4.7 star rating. The course instructor is Adam Ward who is an expert in home brewing.

There are 22 lessons that cover what is in beer, brewing tips and techniques, the equipment needed and how it all works. It goes through the whole brew day, the bottling day and then finishes with opening a bottle of your very own beer.

At the time of researching this course it was on offer at $15.99 and you get lifetime access. A pretty good deal to learn the whole process of brewing beer at home.

Northern Brewer

Northern Brewer

The Northern Brewer University has several courses that cover beginners as well as intermediates, so there’s something for everyone. Homebrewing 101 is the course that is suitable for beginners and runs through the complete brewing process, fermentation and bottling.

It is video format that also includes some supplemental reading material with subjects like bottling and carbonating, wort chillers, clarifiers and additives and wort aeration.

You have unlimited access to this course, so learn at your own pace and go back over lessons if needed. At just $4.99 it is a snip.

Other course at Northern Brewer are Homebrewing 201 Beyond The Basics which is designed to take your brewing to the next level. There is Homebrewing 301 The All Grain Way which is a more advanced way of brewing. Kegging 101 Intro To Kegging is as it says and in depth introduction to kegging and carbonating. Homebrewing 302 Step Mashing which is an advanced all grain step mashing video course.

These courses are all $9.99 so are great value.

Home Brewing Mastery

Home Brewing Mastery

This course comes from the Home Brew Academy which is a blog that was set up by a group of people that are passionate about home brewing. It has an array of brewing information and recipes, as well as some great courses from beer tasting to beer judging.

Home Brewing Mastery is about small batch brewing, which is cheaper with less waste if something goes wrong. It lets you try many types of beer, and when you have a favorite or are used to brewing you can move on to bigger batches of 5 gallons or more.

Your instructor is Joseph Lavoie who has 6 years experience with brewing beers at home and is the founder of the website Beercraftr a great resource for any avid home brewer.

This course goes through why it makes sense to brew small at first and how small, the brewing method, equipment, journaling your brews and why. Then it goes on to scaling up your beer recipes, water chemistry, the whole brew day process, fermentation and kegging.

It is a comprehensive course that is a pretty high price in comparison at around $100.

There are more advanced courses available with the Home Brew Academy, including Call It Your Own a course that teaches how to create your own beer recipes.



I mentioned that Joseph Lavoie was the instructor for Home Brewing Mastery and that he was also the founder of the website Beercraftr.

A little tip is that he runs his own course on that website which looks very similar to the one above. It covers the beer ingredients, how beer is made, the equipment needed, brewing your first beer, fermentation and bottling. You get the same lifetime access, but the difference is that you can enroll for free.

If you are interested in brewing your own beer at home, then this is probably the best place to start.

Your Own Brewing

If you are looking to start homebrewing then the above resources are all a good choice, from free enrollment with Joseph Lavoie at Beercraftr to the quite expensive courses at Home Brewing Mastery.

I have pointed out the courses that are for the complete beginner which will take you through the whole process of brewing and the equipment that you will need for your first brew day.

There are other course from these resources that will cater for more advanced brewing when you are ready and have some brewing experience under your belt. Whichever of these online beer brewing classes you decide on, good luck with your beer and enjoy the process. Let us know your results by sharing them below.

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