Purity Brewing Company

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Purity Brewing Company was born in 2005 on Upper Spernhall Farm in Warwickshire, West Midlands, England. Those responsible are Paul Halsey and James Minkin two friends with a love of beer.

Their ethos from the outset was to brew beer with flavour using the best ingredients. On top of that, they wanted to do it with a mind on the environment and sustainability.

One particular project on the farm is a wetland system where 9 gravity fed ponds the filter the waste liquid from the brewery. The water then makes its way back into the water course as pure water, pretty nifty.

Purity makes a good range of beers, some traditional ales and other. a little more craft style beer. All the beers I sample from Purity will be featured on this page. The list will grow over time as I make why way through the range.