Should You Have A Beer Clock In A Home Bar

Who wants to keep an eye on the time when you are entertaining friends at your home bar? No one of course, you will be too busy enjoying your friends company and having fun. So should you have a beer clock in a home bar?

Although you may be enjoying entertaining and the last thing you want to do is keep an eye on the time. There are some reasons why having a clock in your home bar is a good idea.

Should You Have A Beer Clock In A Home Bar?

A beer clock in a home bar is a definite yes, and there are several reasons why. One, at some point you will want to know the time. Two, a clock will add to the character of your home bar. Three, a personalised clock will look great. And four, you will need to know when it is closing time. A bar clock is a great idea.

Most bars and pubs have clocks, its part of the home bar set up.

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What Type Of Beer Clock Is Best For A Home Bar?

There are many types of clocks. So the one you choose for your home bar will be determined by taste or your type of bar.

You may find a clock you fall in love with and decide it is the one. Or you may look for a clock based on your bar theme.

A funny clock may fit the bill, or a personalised one that carries a bar slogan such as ‘Beer O’clock’. May be a clock with your bars name on it.

A bar clock can become part of all those bar related signs you have, but it tells the time too.

Whatever you desire in a clock, there will be one that will suit your home bar.

Luminous Beer Clock For The Home Bar

A luminous clock could be a fun clock to have in a home bar. Simple design with large numbers that glow.

The clock is made of wood with a black face and off white numbers during the day. The clock absorbs light energy through the day and then lights up during the evening.

The amount of time it lights of a night will depend on the amount of light energy it absorbs. So where it is placed may be a factor for this, the lighter the area the more energy it will absorb.

Also if your home bar is brightly lite during the evening, then it may not work effectively. But who wants bright lights in their home bar.

Branded Home Bar Clock

Another cool clock for a home bar is a branded clock. Obviously this one is a Guinness brand clock. However you can get many branded clocks that reflect your favourite drink.

This one not only has the Guinness log and name on it, but it is designed to look like a crown top (bottle top).

However as nice as it looks, there is one little problem with this clock, although it is easy to correct. For some reason the clock hands are black, so it can be hard to see them against the black background.

If you still love this clock an easy remedy is to use a gold marker pen on the hands. Or gold paint will work, or may be even gold nail varnish.

A silly design fault, but still a great clock.

Note: Changing the colour of the hands may affect warranty.

Sports Theme Home Bar Clock

If you are a sports fan then there are clocks that reflect that. Obviously this one is for the pool fan. Especially ideal if you have a pool table in your home bar.

It includes the whole pool set up with green background, balls as numbers, chalk set at quarters. A triangle and cues for the clock hands.

You can clearly see the numbers as well as the hands, so no painting on this one.

A cool clock for a home bar with a pool table.

Tiki Bar Wall Clock

A perfect clock for those that have a Tiki style home bar. This clock will fit in perfect with the whole Tiki theme.

Set inside a metal casing with a fun back image which includes ‘Aloha and Tiki Bar’. It also includes the slogan ‘It’s Always Happy Hour’.

However it does only show the four quarter number 3, 6, 9 and 12, but you can see the black clock hands clearly.

A perfect clock for a Tiki themed home bar.

It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere Wall Clock

This popular fun slogan is ideal for a clock in a home bar of any theme. A simple design with a distressed whit wood background.

The slogan ‘Whatever… It’s Five Somewhere’ and below a bunch of numbers fives. The gold clock hands stand out well on this clock.

Sticking with this theme there are also clocks with the slogans ‘Beer O’Clock’ and ‘Wine O’Clock’ too.

A simple fun design clock that will fit into any home bar theme.

Personalised Beer Clock

A personalised beer clock can be your own name or the name of your home bar. This one is a sturdy looking clock with an attractive design.

The name of the bar and a slogan reading ‘Proudly serving whatever your bring’, which is amusing.

There could be the same problem with this one as the Guinness one. The background is black, however so are the clock hands. But again easily remedied by colouring the hands.

A vintage style personalised clock that will look great in any home bar.

Note: Changing the colour of the hands may affect warranty.

Retro Digital Wall Clock

Remember when digital watches and clocks were all the rage. Well how about going retro with a cool digital wall clock.

Ideal for a stand out clock in a home bar. It displays not only the time, but the day and date to. Also as an added bonus it includes a temperature display too.

Different brightness levels and a colour base that has different colour settings. This clock is a plug in clock, so will need to be close to a socket outlet. However it does have a battery back up too.

A great retro clock that will fit into any home bar.

Cocktail Home Bar Wall Clock

If cocktails are your thing and you mainly serve cocktails at your home bar. Then a cocktail wall clock is perfect addition for your bar.

This one is an attractive Gin & Tonic clock with a bottle of gin on the clock face, as well as a lemon. However there are other cocktails featured on clocks. Also generic cocktail clocks too.

This clock is set in a metal case and has a curved glass front.

A cool G&T clock for the gin loving home bar owner.

Final Thoughts

A wall clock although not a necessity for your home bar is a worthy bit of kit to consider. They are not only there for the time, but also for decorative purposes too.

They are fun, cool and well worth including when setting up a home bar.

I hope you have enjoyed the home bar clock ideas I have included. They are all fun and cool, but there are plenty more designs around too.

If nostalgia is your thing then take a look at Nostalgic Art, they have a great selection of clocks.

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