What Is Marzen Beer By Buro Brauerei like

Marzen Beer is another beer from the Buro Brauerei which means Office Brewery. The Elusive brewery in Germany, but more about that later. Back to the beer, which is a German amber lager, so what is Marzen beer like?

Marzen beer is a good beer, nothing special but okay. It pours a hazy golden orange with a one finger head. On the nose the malt base set things off, overlaid with a citrus hoppy edge. The taste is malt based just like the nose, but then a slight lemonade flavour kicks in. The finish has a slight bitter hoppy feel carrying some citrus notes. It doesn’t blow you away, but its okay and gets a score of 3.8 out of 5.0.

It feels a little like a light pale ale more than a lager, which is okay with me.

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Marzen Beer Review

So Marzen, which means March in Germany is an amber lager. It sits in a small 330ml can with the same distinctive artwork as their Schwarzbier I have already reviewed.

Crack the can and pour, this beer settles to a slightly hazy golden orange with a generous foamy white top. The head does fade to a thin cover, but manages to stick around for the duration.

The nose is quite modest with a healthy malt base followed by some citrus hoppy aromas, maybe lemon or lime.

The taste is similar with a strong biscuit malty base carrying a lemon or lime citrus flavour. It kind of tastes a little like lemonade which gives it a shandy/radler feel.

The finish saves it a bit with a hoppy bitterness that could afford a little more oomph. It is not your typical German lager, but more a lager/pale ale hybrid.

Rate Marzen Beer

I initially wasn’t keen on the lemonade feel to this beer. However a few sips in and that seemed to fade and it felt more citrusy. I detect a grapefruit bitterness, but Lou gets a lime citrus.

For me it is a pretty okay beer, but like I said it is almost like a lager trying to be a pale ale. Which I don’t mind as I like a pale ale. I score it 3.8 out of 5.0, so it is not going to blow your socks off, but its okay.

M’Lady it seems is of similar mind and says “Lager and lime anyone? That’s what this beer tastes like to me, a bit of a beige beer.”

Okay so Lou wasn’t of similar mind in her description, but she is in her score. Lou scores it an identical 3.8 out of 5.0.

It is not often we give a beer the same score. I wouldn’t seek this beer out, but I wouldn’t avoid it either.

Buro Brauerei

Buro Brauerei (office brewery)

So I mentioned the brewery in the introduction and said it is elusive. I am not joking about that, in fact I don’t think there is a brewery, but that is just my opinion and I hope I am wrong.

On the can it says the brewery was established in 2023, so it is just starting out and I wish it much success.

This may be why I can’t find much information about the Office Brewery. There is a website, but it is pretty lean being just one page.

The one page shows three beers, which when you click on them goes to the website Beer52, the online beer club.

Another link goes to Yeye Weller which is behind the artwork on the cans.

There is no address. no T&Cs and no contact details, although it does say email us, but that is a Beer52 email address.

I have seen info from Untapped that the beer is brewed by Privatbrauerei Bischoff in the same region in Germany. However one the cans I have it says it is brewed and canned by St Ives Brewery in Cornwall, England.

So the Buro beer seems to be contract brewed, which is fine as it seems they are just starting out. Lets hope they progress to their own brewery in time (if I’m right of course, if not apologies Buro Brauerei).

I normally add a section below this that includes a few of a breweries other beers, but there is not a lot to see at the moment. When I reviewed their Schwarzbier, I included the other beers available within that review so you can see them there.

Final Thoughts

So in conclusion Buro Brauerei is a little elusive. Having said that it could be because it is a young brewery, so it may hopefully grow overtime.

I have tried two of their beers so far and the first, Schwarzbier scored better than Marzen beer. It is obvious that the beers are quality brews, but then the ones I have tried are brewed by St Ives Brewery, which is a quality brewery.

Time will tell if I get to try Buro beers from their own brewery. But until then I like what I have had.

If you have tried Marzen beer, or any Buro beers, then do share your thoughts below in the comments area. Let me know what you think and if you have any more info on the brewery, then share that too.

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