What Is TDH Nelson X Mosaic X Riwaka IPA

TDH Nelson x Mosaic x Riwaka IPA is of course a beer, its the IPA at the end that gives it away. Otherwise you could mistake it for just a list of hops. This IPA is brewed by Arpus Brewing Co in collaboration with Barrier Brewing Co. So what is it like?

This IPA is a pretty juicy tropical beer as you might expect from the hops its brewed with. It pours a hazy orange juice shade with a generous foamy white top. On the nose it spews a strong citrus aroma of tropical fruits. The taste replicates with copious amounts of tart citrus flavours like mango, pineapple, and grape. It’s a little sweet in the mouth, but thankfully finishes with a modest grapefruit bitterness.

A good solid tropical IPA, a little sweet, but at least you get a little bitterness at the end. It gets a rate my beer score of 4.3 out of 5.0.

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TDH Nelson X Mosaic X Riwaka IPA Review

The first thing I don’t like about this beer is its name. Listing the hops it is brewed with and then the type of beer it is does not work as a name for a beer.

This is just my opinion, but please give the beer a proper name. For that reason and the fact that I don’t want to keep typing a list of hops. I will refer to it as NMR IPA.

Any way NMR IPA is brewed by Arpus Brewing Co located in Riga, the capital of Latvia. This beer is brewed in collaboration with Barrier Brewing Co from New York, US.

A Triple Dry Hopped beer that comes in a 440ml silver can with a pastel blue label with an image of a bicycle. The label looks like an Arpus design.

It pours like a typical hazy orange juice shade we have come to recognise with many highly tropical IPA’s of toady.

The nose is striking with plenty of tropical citrus aromas, mango, pineapple and grapefruit.

In for a sip and the taste is a copy of the nose with an abundant amount of citrus hitting the taste buds. Flavours of mango, pineapple, pear and maybe passionfruit, it’s a fruity beast.

A little tart up front, then it goes quite sweet over a smooth mouthfeel. Maybe a little too sweet, but the saving grace is a nice grapefruit bitterness to finish.

TDH Nelson X Mosaic X Riwaka IPA Score

TDH Nelson Mosaic Riwaka IPA Score

I know I said I wouldn’t write the full name again, but I just realised what NMR is (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance).

Back to the beer, it is a decent juicy IPA with plenty of bite. Slightly on the sweet side, but at least you get a little bitterness to finish. It has a nice carbonation and serves as a refreshing beer.

At 6.5% ABV it is not a session beer, but a perfect modern juicy IPA to enjoy on its own. I score it 4.3 out of 5.0.

M’Lady quite likes it too saying, “A nice fresh fruity aroma, slightly tart taste with a dry finish.” Lou scores it slightly lower at 4.2 out of 5.0.

If you want to learn about all the IPA styles including DH, DDH and TDH, the Beer Connoisseur have a good post.

Arpus Brewing Co

Arpus Brewing Co was founded in 2017 located at village called Eimuri in Riga, Latvia. Apparently founded by a couple of craft beer geeks who are hard to find.

One of the founders is Girts Tihomirovs, but I cannot identify the other. The beers they like to brew are juicy hop forward beers much like the IPA I reviewed today.

They also like to brew sour beers and Imperial stouts, and I think they also barrel age some beers now.

The word Arpus in Latvian means outside or out of, which is why they chose the name for their brewery. Their plan to brew exciting beers, reflects the name and is a change from the mass produced lagers and beers.

This is a brewery that loves to collaborate with other breweries, and they have done a lot over the years. Other breweries visit them and they make a beer together. They visit others breweries and they make a beer together, this is how they role.

Barrier Brewing Co

Barrier Brewing Co was founded in 2009 by Evan Klein and has gone from strength to strength since. The brewery is located in Oceanside, New York, US.

Evans history in beer started as a home brewer and the a two year stint at SixPoint Brewery. But in 2009 decided to go it alone and rented a small space on Oceanside.

In 2012 after recently moving to a larger premises and then Hurricane Sandy struck. The hurricane was not kind to the brewery and they sustained a fair bit of damage.

The brewery rebuilt though and even helped raise funds not only for their own rebuild but to help other victims of the hurricane, by brewing a beer.

The brewery does not restrict itself on the types of beer it brews, They have always brewed a wide variety of beers.

What Else Do Arpus and Barrier Brew?

Both Arpus and Barrier breweries make a lot of beer and both like a collaboration too. So I will feature a couple of beers from both breweries.

Arpus have their subtle can style and love to list the hops, at the time of writing only have five beers showing in their online shop.

Barriers design is a little more exciting and they have some great names too. At the time of writing they show twenty nine beers in the online shop.

TDH Mosaic Cryo X Enigma DIPA

You can guess who makes this Triple Dry Hopped Double IPA and it’s another juicy IPA with a lot of oomph. Plenty of citrus again with orange tangerine and a little earthy pine.

At 8.0% ABV it is one to go easy on, but another juicy fruity Double IPA.

Pineapple X Apricot X Coconut Sour Ale

Another beer from Arpus, but this time a pretty fruity sour beer. I am not keen on sour beers, but if you are a fan, then expect a fruity extrvaganza.

Plenty of pineapple and apricot flavour with a dry coconut all come together for a sour taste note. It weighs in at the limit of session ,a straight 5.0% ABV.

So more than one is okay if you can fruit it out.


Money is an east coast meets west coast IPA with plenty going on. Dry hopped with Citra Azacca, Centennial and Simcoe it packs a hoppy punch.

A whole lot of citrus, but with a slight dank and pine background. It comes in a 16oz (1 pint) can and it’s a beer that Barrier have become known by. Weighing in at a mighty 7.4% ABV it packs a punch.

This is a beer I would like to try.

Nitro Milk Stout

I do like a milk stout, even though than can be a little sweet. And this one is no exception, smooth and mild with notes of malt, coffee and chocolate.

It’s could be a warming crowd pleaser and at just 4.8% ABV a few could be enjoyed on a cold winter evening.

I’m in if I can track on down.

Final Thoughts

Both Arpus and Barrier breweries like to push the boundaries with the beer they brew. Each one experimenting with different ingredients and producing a variety of flavours in their beers.

I will always be excited to try any beer that comes from these two breweries, apart from maybe the sour beers.

If you have tried the long winded TDH Nelson x Mosaic x Riwaka IPA or any other beers from Arpus or Barrier. Then do share your thoughts below and let me know what you think of these breweries and their beers.

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