What Is The Best Beer Fridge Temperature

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What is the best beer fridge temperature? For any beer lover it is important to serve the beer at the right temperature. Storing the beer at the right temperature is the key to serving it at the right temperature.

Having said that, it gets a little complicated because different beers are best served at different temperatures. If you only drink one type of beer, then it is simple. However if you drink a variety of beer styles, then you need to consider your beer fridge temperature setting.

What Is The Best Beer Fridge Temperature?

Your beer fridge should be set to a range between 35°F – 55°F (1.6°C – 13°C). At which end of that scale you set it at depends on the type of beer you are storing. A macro lager would be at the lower end, while a real ale would be at the higher end. If you have a variety of beers in your fridge, then set it at the lower end and remove a real ale 10 to 20 minutes before drinking. This will let the temperature come up to its best level.

To find out the best temperatures for different style beers check out Should I Drink Beer At A Certain Temperature.

Things To Look Out For In A Beer Fridge

What Is The Best Beer Fridge Temperature

For any beer lover a dedicated beer fridge is important, it’s a special place to store all your favorite beer. There is nothing better than opening a fridge and seeing all those beer cans/bottles lined up waiting to be chosen.

Even better if the door is glass, you can admire it from a distance. However there are a few things to consider when looking out for a beer fridge.

I will be looking for one myself soon as part of my pub shed project. In fact I am going to get two, one for my beer and the second to convert into a fermentation cabinet for brewing beer.

So I put together a list of features I wanted for my new beer fridge, and the short list of fridges I have picked for my beer.

  • What Is A Good Size For A Beer Fridge?
  • How Many Beers Can I Fit In My Beer Fridge?
  • What Is The Temperature Range Of My Beer Fridge?
  • Does My Fridge Have A Thermometer?
  • Should I get A Beer Fridge With A Glass Door?

These are all things that need to be considered when opting for a beer fridge.

What Is A Good Size For A Beer Fridge?

The bigger the better surely, not always. The biggest factor that will determine the size of your fridge will be the room you have available.

It is pointless going for the biggest beer fridge you can find and not having the space for it.

First you need to know where you want your fridge to go, and then measure that space. Write the measurements down and the measure it again just to be sure. It is easy to make a mistake, so measure it twice.

Once you know how much room you have, then you can search for the perfect fridge.

If like me you are building an area from scratch, then you factor in the space for your beer fridge.

How Many Beers Can I Fit In My Beer Fridge?

What Is The Best Beer Fridge Temperature

This will of course depend on the size of the fridge, which is determined by the space available. However it is surprising how two fridges of the same size can offer different internal capacities.

How the fridge is designed will determine how many cans or bottles of beer it will store.

When searching for a fridge always make sure you take note of the storage capacity. This way you will know how many beers the fridge will hold.

What Is The Temperature Range Of My Beer Fridge?

Not all fridges have the same temperature ranges, some will go to lower temperatures than others.

If you are going to fill your fridge with light lagers. Then you will want to make sure the fridge will go as low as 35°F ( 1.6°C). If on the other hand you like IPA’s and porters then that low end scale is not as important.

For me I would always get one that can go that low, just in case you need the lower end of the scale. You don’t need to set it that low if you are storing just those IPA’s and porters.

If you store all types of beers, then set it at the lower end and take a real ale or stout out up to 30 minutes before you consume it. This will allow the beer to come up to a higher temperature.

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Does My Fridge Have A Thermometer?

The best fridge is the one with a thermometer. Without a thermometer you have no way of knowing what temperature you are storing your beers at.

A thermometer gives you control over the fridge temperature. It doesn’t matter whether it is a scale thermometer or a digital one, you just want that control.

Having said that it is easier to read and adjust a digital thermometer.

If you already have a beer fridge and it doesn’t have a thermometer, what can you do?

There are plenty of thermometers available that simply fit in the fridge.

Should I Get A Beer Fridge With A Glass Door?

This mainly comes down to personal choice. A glass door does look good and you can see your beer stock at a glance without opening the door.

A solid door fridge will normally have door shelves internally. So this will make the main shelf space smaller. A glass door fridge has no door shelves, so the internal shelves will be bigger holding more cans.

Although a glass door fridge does look good and becomes a display unit for your beers too. They are normally more expensive than a solid door fridge.

Those are the list of features I have included in my search for a beer fridge.

My Top 3 Beer Fridges

I have put together a short list of fridges that will fit in with my pub shed project. Here are my top 3 beer fridges with my feature list in mind.

Galanz Beverage Cooler

What Is The Best Beer Fridge Temperature
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The Galanz Beverage Cooler fits the bill especially with size. It measures just 18.9 inches (48cm) in width, 18.7 inches (47.5cm) in depth and 33.5 inches (85cm) in height.

This means it will fit under a standard counter and because of the slim width will save space too.

However it still holds 130 standard beer cans with adjustable shelves for accommodating larger cans and bottles.

It has thermostatic control with an adjustable LED display with a range of 32°F (0°C) to 61°F (16°C). This will cover all beer types so is ideal for the best beer fridge temperature. Also the temperature can display in either °F or °C.

The Galanz has a glass door to see all your beers on display. Plus the door can be hung either left or right making versatile for any space.

A nice looking beer fridge that ticks all the boxes and one that can maintain the ideal temperatures for any beer type.

NewAir Beverage Cooler

What Is The Best Beer Fridge Temperature
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The NewAir Beverage cooler has less capacity than the Galanz, but is even more space saving. It measures just 14.8 inches (37.5cm) making it a fridge that can fit into a tight spot. The depth is 22.6 inches (57.4cm) and a height of 33.75 inches (85.7cm).

The capacity is 96 standard cans, so a generous amount for such a slight width. Again it has thermostatic control with adjustable LED temperature display. However this one only goes down as low as 37°F (2.7°C), so may not get those light lagers as cold as we might want them.

The glass door can be hung either left or right and there is a dimmer switch inside for the blue LED internal light. Also the door can be locked too, which might come in handy.

Another good looking glass door fridge that just falls short of the lower end temperature. So doesn’t tick every box.

Tylza Beverage Cooler

What Is The Best Beer Fridge Temperature
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The Tylza Beverage Cooler is a little different as it has a solid door, but it is still less another narrow option. The width is just 14.9 inches (37.9cm), the depth is 23 inches (58.4cm) and the height is 33.5 inches (85cm).

Even though the Tylza is a space saving fridge it still holds 130 standard cans which is more than enough. The shelves are adjustable, so will accommodate larger cans and bottles.

A thermostatic control with a digital display can be adjusted from 37°F (2.7°C) to 64°F (17.7°C). So again not ticking the lower cooling temperature box.

Obviously the door on this one is solid so gives a different look and you can’t see your beers without opening it. I like it though and again will fit in a narrow space.

Final Thoughts

The easiest way to get the best beer fridge temperature is to have a fridge that has an easy adjustable thermostat.

The digital version are the simplest. However if you already have a beer fridge that does not have one, then all is not lost.

A simple fridge thermometer can be added inside your fridge. Then it will be a little trial and error to get the perfect temperature for your beers.

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