What Is Your Favorite Beer Glass? The Goblet

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There are many types of beer glasses, and some are specifically designed for certain types of beer. Using a glass for your beer can tell you a lot about the beer you are drinking. A glass serves the beer well, and sets it free, with all its aromas and charm.

Taking all that into consideration, or not, what is your favorite beer glass? I have to say that my favorite is the goblet or chalice style glass. Whether it is seen as right or wrong, I use this style for all my beers.

What Is Your Favorite Beer Glass?

Perhaps you haven’t even thought about a favorite glass for your beer, but you are now. Well, now that you are thinking about beer glasses, there are a lot to choose from. There is the standard straight glass, the beer mug, the pilsner glass, or how about my favorite, the goblet. These are just a handful, there are so many more.

This is the first part of a series of articles covering the different beer glasses we can enjoy. So, I started with my favorite beer glass.

The Beer Goblet

It is a big debate, what beer should go in what type of glass, and I get it, but we are all different. What I mean is that I will get something different from a beer as opposed to the next person. It is all very nice having a certain glass for a certain beer, but it is not the law, not yet anyway.

A good way of finding out which glass suits you best, is too first select a beer you love. One of my beer loves is Punk IPA from Brewdog, and yes I enjoy it from a goblet style glass. Anyway, when you have picked the beer you love, try serving it in different glasses. You will soon find out which glass you prefer to drink your chosen beer from.

Like I said, I prefer a goblet or chalice style glass, or to put it another way, a stemmed glass with a deep glass bowl. There is only one real difference between a chalice and goblet glass. A goblet tends to be thicker glass than a chalice. They are a similar style glass, so will just refer to them as a goblet from this point onward.

What Is A Goblet?

I don’t get stuck on the actual shape of a true goblet and whether the glass I use is a real one. The glass bowl is similar to that of a wine glass, or brandy/cognac glass. The stem of a wine glass is traditionally tall, whereas the brandy glass has a short stem

I put the goblet half-way between the two, with a medium length stem. The bowl too is a factor, I don’t get hung up on this either. A bowl can almost be round, or it can be longer, it doesn’t matter to me.

I just love the general shape, and I like the way it lets my beer free. It gives the beers aroma freedom to move around and express itself. The bowl is the perfect shape for the beer to share its self with the drinker, and smell is a part of how we taste.

Okay, how about I show you a few goblet style glasses, and maybe you will fall in love with them too.

Schooner Beer Glass

Schooner Beer Glass

These glasses look great, such a nice design. The bowl is especially nice and can hold around 21 ounces. The stem is fairly short, a little shorter than I would like, but that is just me.

Made from heavy-duty lead-free glass, they are sturdy with a strong dense stem. Standing 7 inches (17.8cm) tall, they have a 4.6 inch (11.7cm) rim diameter and a 3.7 inch (9.4cm) base diameter. The way they are structure mean they are not top-heavy and will keep your beer safe (very important).

A versatile glass that could be used for cocktails too, but beer should have the priority. Overall a decent goblet style glass that will be perfect for any beer.

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Leffe Beer Chalice

Leffe Beer Chalice

I like a Leffe beer, but I like this glass even better and I use it for many of the beers I enjoy. I have had one of these for many years, mine is the one on the right of the picture. A large bowl with a thick long stem, these glasses are strong.

They are not light glasses, with thick glass and that hefty stem, you know you are holding a glass, especially when it is full of your favorite beer. At 7 inches (17.8cm) tall, this glass will hold 8.5 fluid ounces, although my one differs slightly. Mine is 8 inches (20.3cm) tall and has a capacity of 11 fluid ounces.

If you are looking for a strong glass to house your beer, then this glass is the one. Although Leffe beer is good, this glass works great with other beers too.

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Vikko Stemmed Beer Glass

Vikko Stemmed Beer Glass

A slightly different bowl shape to the Leffe and the Schooner beer glasses, but still a great glass. I have a similar one to this, mine is the one on the right in the picture. I tend to drink lighter beers and lagers from mine, and darker beers from the Leffe.

These tend to be of similar height to the others, mine being 7 inches tall (17.8cm) and has a capacity of 13 fluid ounces. Lighter than the Leffe, but still pretty sturdy, they have a shorter stem and a taller bowl.

A great glass for any beer, but like I said I tend to use mine for lighter beers, and I don’t even know why.

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Crosno Beer Glass

Crosno Beer Glass

Designed for dark ale this goblet style glass has a slight narrowing approaching the rim, which goes slightly towards the tulip shape glass. This shape though does preserve the aromas from the beer and holds a good head.

Standing at 6.6 inches (16.8cm) tall, this glass has a large capacity of 16.9 ounces. The large diameter base at 4.1 inches (10.4cm) gives the glass a sturdy stance.

An attractive glass that although designed for dark beer, will compliment any beer and bring out its best characteristics.

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Craft Beer Glass Set

Craft Beer Glass Set

Okay, this set of glasses are not strictly about the goblet style, although there is one that is of this style. This set will give you one of the goblet type glasses, referred to as a barrel aged glass. There is also a glass designed for stout with a hollow stem that will fill with beer. An IPA glass also has a similar type stem, and there is a shorter glass for American wheat beers.

The Goblet style glass has a capacity of 17.7 ounces, the stout glass is 21 ounces, the IPA glass is 19.1 ounces and the wheat beer glass is 26.5 ounces.

If you prefer a little variety for your beers, then this is a great set of glasses. A good experiment to see how one beer tastes in different style glasses.

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The typical beers that are served in a goblet style glass are the heavier malty beers, but we don’t have to stick to this. We can serve any beer in any glass, and if like me you love a goblet, then put what beer you like in it.

The main thing is to enjoy the beer we like and a goblet glass does lend itself to a great beer experience. As I said before, the shape of the glass gives the beer a chance to open up and show off if you like. Share your thoughts about what your favorite beer glass is. Keep an eye out for the next beer glass to be covered in this series.

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