When Is A Pub Shed Home Bar Finished

Building a pub shed home bar is quite a big project, from the ground work and base to the actual shed build. Then there is the interior to kit out, so when is a pub shed home bar finished?

A pub shed home bar is never really finished because it develops over time. While the structural build and interior fitting may not take long. A pub shed home bar will evolve as you add more and more things to both the inside and outside.

In this article I will go over some things to consider before starting a Pub shed project. Going from my own experience I will share how long it takes to build, how much it costs and different build options to consider.

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What Is The Best Type Of Building For A Pub Shed?

There are many types of building that can be used for a pub shed. Each one will vary on ease of build and cost.

Here I will look at the most popular options.

Convert An Existing Shed Into A Bar

It is perfectly okay to convert an existing Shed into your very own garden pub. In fact this is probably the easiest and most economical way to create your own pub shed.

So if you have an existing shed that is not being used much, then this option could be perfect.

As it is an existing shed, then check carefully for any repairs that might be needed. The it is best to insulate your shed before you start the conversion.

Build A Pub Shed From Scrap Wood

If the budget is tight then building a pub shed out of scrap or recycled wood may be the best option. Many people do this, and the most popular wood to use is old pallets.

Pallets are strong and the perfect construction to build walls when fixed together. They are relatively easy to come by, and cheap too.

However this option may take a fair bit of planning on paper first.

Other scrap wood can be used too, such as old deck boards, floor boards or even old scaffold boards. You often see this type of wood being offered cheaply or free in local adds or social media.

New Shed For A Garden Pub

New Shed For A Garden Pub

While getting a new shed for your garden pub project will cost more than converting an old one, or building one from scrap wood.

They are simple to construct and can easily be built in just a few hours. The one in the image above is one I built a few years ago and it took about three hours with someone helping.

This one is not my pub shed, but a work shop and storage shed.

There are many shed sizes and designs to pick for a garden pub.

Bear in mind that sheds come in panels, so think about access and having someone to help build. Large wooden panels are difficult to handle alone.

This goes for summerhouses too, they also come in panels. However they do look more aesthetically pleasing than a box standard shed.

Log Cabin Pub Shed Home Bar

Log Cabin Pub Shed Home Bar

Another popular choice between pub shedders is a log cabin. Although they are more expensive than your standard shed or summerhouse.

These are not cabins made out of real logs, but purpose built cabins where each length of wood slots into the next.

This makes them extremely easing to build and can be done by one person as you only handle one length of wood at a time.

The image shows my build to roof height which I achieved in around two hours on my own. The roof which my son Joe helped with took us about another two hours.

So a cabin is a quick easy pub shed build.

Alternative builds for a pub shed home bar are converting a garage or out building such as a small barn. Or constructing a bricks and mortar building for a home bar.

Although this could work out pretty expensive and would involve building regulations.

How Long Does It Take To Build A Pub Shed Home Bar?

The time it takes to build a pub shed will depend on the type of building you go for.

Converting an existing shed will be the quickest because the building is already there. Just repairs and interior prep like insulation will be needed.

This is also the same for converting a garage or outbuilding.

A new shed, summerhouse or cabin can easily be constructed within a day, or at least a weekend.

A bricks and mortar building will take considerably longer and may need expert help.

However whatever building you decide on, that is just the start of your pub shed build.

The interior is the part that takes the longest to complete. There is the actual bar to build, the seating and then of course the decor and accessories.

I started my pub shed project in the middle of May and got to how it looks in the video by the beginning of October.

The bar, seating and shelving were all built by myself and most of it was using scrap wood like pallets and scaffold boards.

There is still plenty to do in terms of things to put on the walls. However the overall theme and feel of the Welsh Cockney is all there.

Other plans to add another fridge and a beer engine that will serve my own home brew are something that will be done in the future. As is some blinds or window coverings too.

Around four months to get to this point does include treating the outside of the cabin and building a decking out the front.

How Much Does It Cost To Build A Pub Shed Home Bar?

Just like how long it takes to build a pub shed depends on several factors, so does the cost. Building one out of scrap wood will obviously be the cheapest way to do it.

Converting a garage or outbuilding will be cheaper than buying and building a shed, summerhouse or cabin. And a bricks and mortar build will be the most expensive.

The cost will be down to not only the type of building you opt for, but also the type of interior specification you go for.

Building your own bar and seating will be cheaper than buying a ready made or bespoke bar and seating.

I made my bar from old pallets and scaffold boards these were given to me by my son Joe. The only cost to me was just the sand paper and varnish I used to finish.

A ready made bar could cost from around £200 to several thousand pounds, depending on the size and spec.

The most expensive part of my pub shed build was the cabin which came out at £3250 which did not include a floor. I bought the wood elsewhere for the floor which saved me about £400.

The total cost of my pub shed build to where it is in the video is around £6000. This does include the base and the decking out the front.

Final Thoughts

While a pub shed garden bar can be an expensive project, it doesn’t have to be, especially if you have an existing shed you can convert.

However just remember it might never be a finished project. You may get to a similar point to mine within a couple of months or even weeks.

It all depends on whether you build everything yourself or buy all the different elements. However even though it may seem a complete project, it never really is.

There is always something you want to add, or something that you want to change. After using your pub shed for a while you may find that one aspect would be better done another way.

Having a pub shed home bar is a great thing, but I have found that I am always thinking of something else to add or something to tweak.

That is part of the fun.

If you have any questions about my pub shed build the ask away in the comments area and I will do my best to answer. Likewise if you have your own pub shed then do share any tips for those that are yet to build theirs.

Most of all enjoy it.

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