Wild Horse Brewing Co

Wild Horse Brewing Co was founded in 2015 by Dave and Emma Faragher in the popular North Wales town of Llandudno.

Located on the North coast of Wales, Llandudno is an old Victorian town which shows in the building and the Pier that juts out from the beach.

Dave and Emma were so impressed with the craft breweries in the US and Canada which they came across during their travels. On their return to Llandudno they decided that they would create their very own craft brewery.

So after their return in 2014 plans begun and in March 2015 their dream was born. Now nine years on and some expansion in 2018, they are a solid unit brewing some great craft beers.

I aim to work my way through the Wild Horse range of beers, and will add them to this page as I try each one. The list will grow as I make my way through their beers.