Is Ice Breaker Unfiltered Pale Ale A Hit

I have drunk this beer quite a few times before, but never reviewed it. So as I found myself in The Feathers Inn in Wadesmill, Hertfordshire with Ice Breaker on tap, I decided to review it. Ice Breaker Pale Ale, is it a hit?

Ice Breaker Pale Ale is a definite hit with me. In fact it is a great beer, and I am not the only one to think so. It won 3 stars at the Great Taste Awards 2023. As well as a Gold at the World Beer Awards 2023. It looks good with its light hazy gold and fine bubbles. The nose is vibrant and fruity, and the taste is malty and hoppy with plenty of juicy citrus fruit.

A really good modern style pale ale that delivers flavour and bite.

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Ice Breaker Pale Ale Review

The Feathers Inn is a Greene King pub in Wadesmill, Hertfordshire, England. It’s a great country pub and hotel that I stay at three or four times a year when visiting family.

Sam (Samantha Hill) the manager is always welcoming and friendly, as are all the staff. If you are ever in that area, then checkout The Feathers Inn, you won’t be disappointed.

Anyway back to the beer, I have had Ice Breaker Pale Ale at the Feathers Inn several times over the past couple of years. However I just never reviewed it, I am not sure why.

So this time I made a point of reviewing it, in fact I had a couple just to make sure. Well it is a session beer at 4.5% ABV, so it is okay to have a second pint. Bertie the bartender let me film him pouring my pint of Ice Breaker.

And I have to say he poured a perfect pint with a nice one finger head. It sits in the glass shinning a golden haze with the tiniest bubbles rising to the perfect white head. The head has good retention too, sticking around and leaving a nice lacing around the glass.

Ice Breaker Pale Ale Score

On the nose it is vibrant with a caramel malt base with plenty of hoppy and citrus fruit aromas.

The taste follows suit with a sweet caramel malt base and a real hoppy fill and plenty of citrus kick. It’s juicy and fruity with flavours of grapefruit, peach, apricot and melon.

A smooth creamy mouthfeel finishes with a nice balanced bitterness. Ice Breaker is a joy to drink, crisp and refreshing, yet smooth and creamy.

My first pint was served in a long tall glass, however the second came in the stubby Ice Breaker glass. Both glasses let the beer shine through, a really nice pale ale.

It gets a rate my beer score of 4.7 out of 5.0.

M’Lady likes Ice Breaker too saying, “A fresh citrus fruity pale ale with a crisp smooth finish.” Lou scores it a 4.4 out of 5.0.

I think Greene King have hit the jackpot with this Ice Breaker Pale Ale.

Greene King Brewery

Greene King Brewery has been around for many years and has a lot of history. Founded in 1799 it has gone through many changes.

It is known for its old style ales that really split the crowd. My review of their Session IPA while getting a little love, mainly got slated.

Several people who commented in that review really don’t like Greene King at all.

That said, and while Greene King are known for their old style ales, they are moving with the times

The old beers like Abbot Ale and XX Mild still have their place. However there is a new wave of beer coming out of the Westgate Brewery.

Beers like Flint Eye Lager, Level Head IPA or Yardbird Pale Ale make up their more modern style beers.

So love or hate Greene King, they are delivering on all fronts. If you understand what their old style ales stand for, the you get it. I personally love a pint of real ale, and Greene King ales deliver.

I also like modern style beers with their hoppy citrus flavours and Ice Breaker Pale Ale is a good example of such beer.

Greene King Beer Range

Greene King have a pretty healthy range of beers, and as I have already mentioned include old style as well as modern style beers.

So there is something for everyone, whether that beer a pint of real ale or a hoppy East Coast IPA.

They also brew some seasonal beers too with Rocking Rudolf their Christmas Ale available at the moment.

Anyway here are a few featured beers from the Greene King Brewery.

Flint Eye

Flint Eye is a dry hopped lager that celebrates the flint tip arrows of the stone age. A clear crisp looking lager with aromas and tastes of peach and pine.

It is a lager with a bit more bite, sharp, refreshing and a nice bitter finish. At 4.5% ABV it is well within the session range. Definitely one I will be looking out for.

Another award winning beer, bagging bronze at the World Beer Awards 2023.

Level Head

Level Head is a hoppy session IPA weighing it at just 4.0% ABV. It is inspired by King Edmund who was killed and beheaded by Vikings.

Hoppy and tropical aromas mirror its taste with plenty of fruity citrus flavours and a grapefruit bitterness. Again another award winning beer getting a silver at the World Beer Awards 2023 in the IPA category.

Sounds like an easy drinking hoppy light IPA that I will be looking out for.

Rocking Rudolf

A festive season real ale, Rocking Rudolf is a heart warming real ale with a rich malty base. I have had this beer before and also had one at The Feathers Inn just a few days ago.

It has a rich toffee malt body with dark fruit flavours and a nice hoppy bitter finish. At just 4.2% ABV it is a full bodied ale that fits well in the session range.

A great festive beer that is a perfect after dinner ale to sip in front of an open fire.

Final Thoughts

Love or hate Greene King, they do brew some great beer, from the crowd splitting Session IPA to the juicy fruity Ice Breaker Pale Ale.

I am impressed with Ice Breaker, it is smooth and creamy with some sharp citrus and a nice bitter finish. At the same time it is crisp and refreshing, a truly decent beer.

I definitely recommend it to any beer lover that likes a flavoursome Pale Ale. Let me know what you think of Ice Breaker Pale Ale.

Share your thoughts below, is it a hit or miss for you?

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