Green Green Grass Of Home Beer

The Green Green Grass Of Home beer is the last one from a flight of brews I had at a craft beer pub. It is a CBD IPA from Tudor Brewery in Wales.

I got a hunch it is inspired by a song by the famous Tom Jones, I don’t know why. Anyway, CBD comes from the hemp plant, some see it as an affective medication. As far as this beer goes apparently there is a trace of CBD extract. So what is it like?

Green Green Grass Of Home Beer

It is actually a nice beer, a standard modern IPA if you like. A mid gold clear appearance with a foamy white top. On the nose its a malt base with a citrus hoppy top. The taste is the same, a citrus hoppy front a nice satisfying bitter undertone. It doesn’t set the world alight, but its a decent beer and gets a rate my beer score of 4.1 – 5.0.

An easy drinking IPA that allows more than one with its session strength.

Tudor Brewery

Tudor Brewery is a family run micro brewery based in Llanhilleth, Wales. The family own and run the brewery between them, with some having regular jobs too.

It was acquired by Stephen Devine in 2011 after being closed for a year. Sadly a short time period Stephen lost a battle with Cancer and passed.

The family are determined to make the brewery work as a tribute to Stephen, so they move on building.

They specialise in vegan and gluten free beers, real ales and stouts. A small core range is complimented by seasonal as well as special brews.

Green Green Grass Of Home is one of their special brews and I was lucky enough to try it on tap. Talking of which, is it any good?

Drinking Green Green Grass Of Home

Tasting The Green Green Grass Of Home CBD IPA Beer

Like I said this was one of four beers I sampled at a craft beer pub. It was a welcome beer as I had just sampled a strongly flavoured Mint Chocolate Milk Stout. So cleansed the palate somewhat.

A mid golden clear beer with a medium white head that fades to a thin cover. A nice lacing decorates the small glass as it goes down.

The nose is not strong, but a biscuit malt base supports a nice citrus hoppy aroma.

Likewise the taste mimics the nose, with a citrus hoppy front. It’s fruity with a faint earthy grass like hint in the background. A decent amount of bitterness comes in to finish things off.

I do like it, the flavours are not strong, quite subtle all round. However its a good go to easy drinking IPA that will hit the spot on the refreshment front.

For me it gets a decent rate my beer score of 4.1 – 5.0.

Lou’s description is “a standard typical hoppy IPA, with a subtle bitterness”. Her rating is similar too, with a slightly lower 4.0 -5.0.

It won’t WOW, but it won’t disappoint either.

Tudor Beer Range

Tudor beer range while not as vast as some other breweries is still a decent range. With the seasonal and specials there is plenty to choose from. They include golden ales, bitters, dark ales, IPA’s as well as porters and stouts too.

Here are a few of the beers from this tight knit family run brewery.

Blorenge Golden Ale

The Borenge golden ale is a light ale that is described as being a great introduction to craft ales. For those that have not yet delved into the craft, but also for lager drinkers too.

A light body with fresh citrus flavours. It is not just light in body, but in strength too, its a sessionable 3.8% Vol.

A light beer for those light days.

Black Rock Porter

Not so light is the Black Rock Porter with its chocolate malty body and a silky smooth mouthfeel. A typical porter that is award winning, so it must be good.

It weighs in at a respectable 5.6% Vol knocking it out of the session bracket. But hey its a porter, brewed for savouring, right.

Tudor IPA

Tudor IPA is one of the breweries core range so is always on the menu. It’s a typical modern IPA with a light look and a medium body. As you would expect it has a hoppy bitter balance with a fresh grapefruit finish.

You could say it is a go to IPA with a light strength of 4.0% Vol you can visit it anytime.

Final Thoughts

So Tudor brewery is a down to earth traditional style brewery beavering away at making good honest beer. I will be looking out to try more of their beers. For the one I have had is a decent beer, nothing fancy, but nice all the same.

Sometimes simple is best, and you can expect straightforward beers from a straightforward brewery.

If you have had the chance to experience any of the Tudor brews, then do share your views below.

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