Sapporo Premium Beer, What Is It Like

The first thing that hits you with Sapporo Premium beer is the can. It’s just such a fantastic looking can, kind of shaped like a beer glass. It really shines above the other cans on a store shelf, which is why it came home with me. So top marks for packaging, but Sapporo premium beer, what is it like?

Is it going to be just another plain macro style lager with little going on. Or will it be as good as it looks. It is said to be the best selling Asian beer in America, so I am optimistic.

Sapporo Premium Beer, What Is It Like?

Well, it’s good, in fact it is better than good, I like it a lot. It pours a glistening gold with two a finger thick foamy white head. On the nose it is light with a distinct malt lager aroma and a little grain too. Taking a sip and the malt base hits first, joined by a little hoppy bitterness and a zesty citrus kick. It’s nicely carbonated with a smooth mouthfeel and a crisp dry finish. It’s bang on and gets a rate my beer score of 4.7 – 5.0.

I guess if you go to the bother of making your packaging look so good. You are not going to fill it with second rate beer. It is a quality premium beer.

Sapporo Brewery

Sapporo Brewery was founded in 1876 in Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan. Apparently established by the Development Commission of the Hokkaido Government.

The first brewmaster was Seibei Nakagawa who learned the art of brewing in Germany at a young age. The first Sapporo lager was brewed in June 1876 at the new brewery.

The brewery became privatised and as with many breweries a lot of merges and buy outs have happened over the years.

Sapporo now has several breweries in Japan, one in Canada, one in America, Vietnam and Germany. Over its 147 life span there have been many changes and today it is a stand out company with many strings to its bow.

More about Sapporo Breweries Ltd.

Sapporo Premium Beer

Sapporo Beer

I am impressed with this beer. it sits in its beautiful silver can as proud as punch. A prominent yellow star sits in a hop crest. Below simply says Sapporo Premium Beer.

The pour is lively with a mix of gold and white cascading around the glass. It settles to a pure gold liquid with a stream of rising bubbles. The generous white head is thick and foamy, and although fades a little it does stick around creating a beautiful lacing.

On the nose it is fairly light as you might expect with a lager. Light aromas of malt and a little grain is about all I got, but I did serve it cold.

The taste is the highlight as always and this beer does not disappoint. A slightly sweet malt forms the base followed by a nice hoppy bitterness. also just on the end there is a little zesty citrus that creeps in.

The carbonation is just right giving it a smooth mouthfeel and it all ends in a crisp dry finish. It is a well balanced beer that doesn’t overpower the taste buds, but gives more than you might expect from a lager.

At 5.0% ABV it sits on the edge of session, I like it and it gets a rate my beer score of 4.7 – 5.0. M’Lady is also quite impressed with Sapporo saying “A really nice, smooth, zesty fresh lager.” Lou scores it a slightly lower 4.5 – 5.0.

Sapporo Beer Range

Sapporo Premium Beer

The actual Sapporo range of beers is fairly small, at the time of writing I see five in the range. But they seem to cater for a range of lager palates.

Here are what I see as the best of the rest and the beers I will be looking out for in the future.

Sapporo Reserve

Sapporo Reserve is a more complex lager with rich malty flavours providing a full bodied lager experience. This beer also weighs in at 5.0% ABV so it is possible to go in for a second.

This lager sounds to me like it will deliver on flavour, it might be edging towards a pale ale. One I will be looking out for.

Sapporo Premium Black

Sapporo Black is a dark lager said to have dark bold flavours, yet a light crisp lager feel to it. Brewed with dark roasted malts give it those coffee and chocolate flavours.

I am not that keen on black lagers, you get the flavours of a porter, yet it feels like a lager. A little bit of a mind bend, but having said that, I still need to hunt this one down and get stuck in.

Final Thoughts

It is fair to say that just by looking at the packaging for Sapporo beers that you are looking at a quality product. And that carries through to the beer, I might have only tried their premium beer, and that is good.

I have a feeling that all their beers will be of the same quality. Therefore it is a range of beers that I am looking forward to trying in the future.

I will definitely be revisiting the Sapporo Premium Beer again and again, its that good.

If you have tried this beer or any of the Sapporo range, then do share your thoughts. Let me know what you think of this Japanese lager beer.

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