Saltaire Blonde Beer Review

Saltaire Blonde Beer comes from the Saltaire Brewery based in Shipley, Yorkshire, England. Described as their signature pale ale that is light and refreshing. So lets find out and see if it’s any good.

Saltaire Blonde Beer is pretty good, it pours a light golden straw like colour with a one finger foamy white head. On the nose it is subtle with a biscuit malt base and a little hoppy aroma carrying a hint of fruitiness. The taste reflects the nose with a smooth biscuit malt body and a bitter hoppy finish. Again there is an almost boiled sweet fruitiness hovering in the background. It gets a rate my beer score of 4.0 out of 5.0.

Just as described this blonde is light and refreshing.

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Saltaire Blonde Beer Review

Saltaire Blonde stands in a brown 500ml bottle with a predominantly bright yellow label, so it does stand out. On the front of the label it has the brewery logo and the words “Saltaire Blonde, Light and refreshing ale, ALC 4% Vol.”

I think this beer is also available in mini cask and Polypin (bag in a box) too. On the back of the label it is described as their signature pale ale which combines soft malt flavours and subtle spice from the Saaz hops.

It all sounds very inviting, so its time to crack the crown and give it a try.

Drinking Saltaire Blonde Beer

It pours like you would expect, light gold with a one finger foamy white top. This does fade fairly quickly, however it maintains a good cover over the top of the beer.

A constant stream of tiny bubbles rise up the glass feeding the remaining white head.

The nose is quite subtle with biscuit malt being the main aroma. However I also got pear too, not in the sense of the fruit itself, but more in the boiled sweet sense.

Going in for a sip and it reflects the aroma, biscuit malt dominates the flavour in a smooth way. Just like the smell I get a pear drop flavour popping in too.

For me their is no spicy or pepper notes that you can get with Saaz hops. However the finish is laced with a nice bitterness that tends to linger, which is nice.

It is crisp and refreshing and for me sits between a pilsner style lager and a standard pale ale. More depth and flavour than a lager, but not quite the kick of a pale ale.

I like it though and would not hesitate to drink it again, it gets a straight 4.0 out 5.0.

M’Lady isn’t quite as keen, saying “I struggle to know what to say about this beer, slightly richer flavour than a macro lager with a bitter aftertaste, it’s alright.” Not particularly complimentary, but Lou still scores 3.9 out of 5.0 which is pretty good.

Saltaire Brewery

The first spark of Saltaire brewery started at a brewing course when Tony Garland met Derek Todd. The brewing course was at Brewlab in Newcastle back in 2003.

The pair set up the brewery in 2005 based in Shipley, Yorkshire, England. Very close to the village of Saltaire named after Sir Titus Salt who pretty much built the village back in the 1850’s. The Aire part of the name comes from the River Aire which runs through the village.

Saltaire is also the home of Salt Beer Factory founded in 2018.

Nearly two decades later and Saltaire brewery have grown considerably on the brewing front. As well as installing a packaging plant in 2017.

Apart from its own brewing and packaging the brewery also offers a contract brewing and packaging service. They also have their own tap room too where visitors can sample all the beers in its freshest state.

Saltaire Beer Range

Saltaire Blonde Beer

Saltaire have a good range of beer from lagers, pale ales, IPA’s, Bitters and Stouts. Including their Triple Choc, an indulgent chocolate stout with a 4.8% ABV. A good range to get my teeth stuck into.

Some beers available in bottles, some in cans and some also in mini casks and polypins. They deliver too, so you can order their beer from their online shop.

Looking through their range here are a few beers on my radar to try.


Cascade is described as a vibrant American pale ale. I think this beer was released in 2007 the same time as the Blonde, so they go back a bit.

Obviously using the popular Cascade Hop it has plenty of citrus flavours like grapefruit. But the think that attracts me is its distinctive bitterness.

At 4.8% ABV this could be the perfect to quench and refresh while delivering a health bitter kick, I’m in.


I have to try Titus, a distinctive Yorkshire bitter named after the man himself. With sweet malt and nutty caramel flavours this bitter needs some bitter.

Apparently the bitterness is delivered by a twist of citrus, I just hope there is enough of it. At just 3.9% ABV it won’t knock you over and it is safe to go for a second pint.

I do love a good old pint of bitter, so this one is on my beer list too.


NO.5 is described as a Proper Stout, now I like the sound of that, give me a proper stout any day. This one boasts a creamy smoothness with roasted notes.

Those roasted malts also bring a hint of smokiness with them, but I hope there is a nice balanced bitterness too.

At just 4.2% ABV it is okay to have a second, as long as it isn’t too rich. Which is shouldn’t be if it is a proper stout, anyway, I fancy me a tipple of NO.5.

Final Thoughts

The brewery then is an interesting one with a decent range of beers. The one I reviewed and the three featured are just the tip of the iceberg, there are plenty more to get amongst.

As for the Saltaire Blonde beer, I like it, a good solid beer that is light and refreshing. It will make a good session beer on a summers day at a barbecue, well chilled of course.

If you have tried Saltaire Blond beer, then do share your thoughts below, let me know what you think of it. Or any of the Saltaire beers for that matter.

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