Rate My Beer

I do love a beer, and the variety we have these days is off the scale. I wrote a post a while ago explaining how I would like to rate my beer. This would be a review if you like of different beers I try for myself.

I like to try new beers as often as I can and it seems a shame not to share those here on this site. It kind of makes sense to as the nature of this website includes beer, what would a home bar be without beer.

Rate My Beer

Rate My Beer

I have had a plan for a while now to start rating beer, but up until now have not actually done anything about it. Recently one Saturday night it happened by accident.

Like I said I like to try new beers when ever I can, I normally look for something different to try at the weekend. One Saturday during the day I was in a local store and my eye caught a lone bottle of beer.

There were other beers around this one, but this was the only bottle of this particular beer, and it was soon coming home with me. That evening I cracked open this beer, poured it and sat back to enjoy, then I found myself judging it.

I had no plan to, it just happened, so I went with it and it got me started with this rate my beer section.

My Future Beer

I have gone for it, something that I have thought of doing for a while has just been born. A Saturday night a new beer and this is the result, a beer rating section to my website.

I am not sure how this will develop, but I am just going to go with it. I have not put a lot of thought into the layout yet, or whether to include a star system to rate each beer.

For now, I am just going to write about any new beers I try, plus, I might go back and visit some I have already tried, just so they get included.

I will set up a drop down menu under this page for the beers I rate. I don’t know how often a new beer will appear in this menu, but I will try to make fairly consistent.

Here’s to the future and my beer.

Sharing The Beer

The future of this section is unknown, but I set it up with the best intentions and hope that it develops into something big that will appeal to my readers.

I will of course encourage sharing opinions on the beer I feature, and of course any beer that you may have tried and want to share. I think it may become a great way for you and me to discover beers that we may not have otherwise discovered.

A journey always starts with the first step, I have taken the first step and set up the rate my beer section. Now all I have to do is drink some beer and tell you about it, it’s a simple concept really.

I hope you enjoy the rate my beer section, I hope you enjoy the beer too, just enjoy responsibly.

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