What Is Neon Black Dunkel Beer Like

When you think of German beers you think of quality beer. Styles like Helles, Pilsner, Kolsch, Bock or of course Dunkel come to mind. Neon Black Dunkel beer is a dark lager from the BRLO brewhouse based in Berlin, Germany. But what is it like?

Neon Black is like a typical Dunkel beer, a dark lager with a rich malty flavour. It pours a deep chestnut brown with a two finger head. The nose is extremely subtle, the slightest of malt caramel rises from the glass with an almost burnt aroma to it. The taste follows suit, but has more oomph to it. A rich malt base with flavours of caramel and a hint of chocolate followed by the slightest of dark fruits. It tastes a little sweet with no real bitterness to balance it.

A fairly nice beer to drink, however I wouldn’t want more than one, a little too sweet.

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Neon Black Dunkelbier Review

A Dunkelbier is a German dark lager normally dark brown in colour, sometimes with a reddish tinge. Neon Black is no exception pouring a dark chestnut brown with a two finger off white head.

The head quickly dissipates to pretty much nothing barely covering the surface of the beer. A constant stream of bubbles rise up through the beer.

On the nose there is not much activity, a slight malty aroma which for me carried a burnt caramel note with it. Lou got an initial smell of bleach, which is a little worrying.

The taste follows the nose but with more gusto delivering a dark rich caramel malty body with a slight roasted feel. A hint of chocolate in the background is followed by a pleasant dark berry fruitiness.

However it is quite sweet throughout without any bitterness to balance it. Just a little bitterness to finish would have been nice, but for me it didn’t arrive.

It weighs in at a sessionable 4.8% ABV, but one is enough because of the rich sweet taste.

Rate Neon Black

So how does Neon Black score?

You can tell it is a quality German beer, and if you like your beer sweet, then you will probably love it.

However for me it is too sweet without any let up. I would drink it again, but just the one, so it gets a rate my beer score of 4.1 out of 5.0.

A pretty solid score, but what does M’Lady think of Neon Black?

Lou says “It has barely any nose at all, apart from a slight whiff of bleach. My first taste reminds me of a cold weak coffee.”

Lou scores it a straight 3.0 out of 5.0, I don’t think she likes it.

So a mixed bag for this Dunkelbier.

BRLO Brewhouse

BRLO brewery started life back in 2014 and was founded by Katharina Kurz, Christian Laase and Michael Lembke. In 2016 a fourth person Ben Pommer joined the other three to push their vision forward.

The concept really is about good beer and good food and they see themselves as a brewery and gastronomy company.

Initially the beers were brewed at other breweries, but in 2016 they built their own brewery in Berlin. Which seems to be mainly made up of converted containers, giving a neat industrial style.

It is a brewery with a different, maybe unique concept. The food features vegetables as the star of the show with meat as an accompaniment.

The brewery has seen continued growth with three other locations in the form of pub and bars added to the portfolio. All combining the BRLO concept of good beer and good food.

On top of that they even have a catering side to the company offering the BRLO experience at your own event.

An exciting brewery with an exciting concept, and of course a good range of beers.

BRLO Beers

BRLO Neon Black Dunkel Beer

BRLO have quite the range of beers, there are around nine in their core range. These include the likes of Pils, Helles, Pale ale, a German IPA as well as an AF pale.

The brewery also brew ciders too as well as some specials which at the moment include a couple of high ABV imperial stouts.

Here are a few beers from the BRLO range I would like to try out.

Pale Ale

A simple straightforward pale ale which is fruity and hoppy. Made with Cascade, Herkules and Saphir hops giving a malty base and notes of mango, grapefruit and tangerine with a bitter backline.

At a straight 5.0% ABV it sits on the edge of session, but I am sure a second will be fine. Sounds like a down to earth pale to me, and one that should go in the shopping bag.

German IPA

This ain’t no West Coast IPA, this is strictly German using three local hop varieties of Comet, Hull Melon and Polaris.

It’s going to be fruity, spicy with a satisfying bitter edge. Although it needs to be respected weighing in at a hefty 7.0% ABV.

This German IPA sounds like a really good beer, and one I will be looking out for.

Baltic Porter

I had to include a rich Porter on my wish list. Baltic Porter is unfiltered and should have the classic Porter taste.

Made with Herkules and Tettnager hops it has notes of caramel, dark chocolate and roasted coffee. A rich warming beer ideal for the winter months.

It weighs in at a straight 7.0% ABV, so is a sip and savour kind of beer. Again one I would like to take for a test drive.

Final Thoughts

BRLO Brewhouse then is an exciting brewery with an interesting concept of modern quality beer paired with good food.

Neon Black is the first beer I have tried from BRLO, and although a little too sweet for me. It is a quality beer, so I will definitely be looking out for other beers from this brewery.

If you have tried Neon Black or any other BRLO beers then do share your thoughts below. Let me know your experience with any BRLO beers.

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