Mahou & Founders Session IPA

This session IPA comes from a collaboration between Mahou San Miguel a Spanish Brewery and Founders Brewing Co in Michigan, US. Founders Brewing was once an independent craft brewery, however Mahou now have a very big stake in Founders. Hence this session IPA, so what is it like?

Mahou and Founders Session IPA is what you might expect from this style of beer. It’s nothing special, it’s not intense with hops and flavour, but it’s okay. It pours a light gold with a two finger head. On the nose there is a slight malt front with a little hoppiness and some citrus notes. The taste follows the nose with a little malt up front, followed by some hoppy citrus flavours of orange and pineapple. It is not an IPA to get excited about, it’s just a half decent cheeky session IPA and gets a score of 3.9 out of 5.0.

A nice little session beer for a sunny afternoon, I think it might taste that little bit better in the sun.

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Mahou & Founders Session IPA Review

We actually reviewed this beer in Ibiza, Spain and picked it up in a local supermarket. It stands in a busy 330ml can with a black top and a green pull ring.

Being a session IPA this beer weighs in at 4.5% ABV, so I am not expecting anything intense with hops and flavours. Even though it says Mas Intensa on the can which I think means More Intense, I am not convinced.

So from our balcony in Ibiza lets crack this beer open and dive in.

Drinking Mahou & Founders Session IPA

It pours a light gold clear beer with a two finger white fluffy head. There doesn’t seem to be any haze to it at all, just a clear beer.

On the nose it kicks out a little caramel malt up front which is closely followed by some light hop notes and citrus aromas.

Going in for a taste and it mirrors the nose with a little caramel malt up front, followed by some mild hoppy and citrus flavours. I get some orange and pineapple on the palate, but it is pretty subtle.

It is kind of what I expected from this session IPA, there is nothing intense about it at all, it won’t blow your socks off in the IPA style. But it is pleasant enough, just a light cheeky session IPA. It gets a rate my beer score of 3.9 out of 5.0.

M’Lady is of similar mind saying “A standard session IPA, there’s nothing bad about it, but it’s okay.” Lou scores it 3.7 out of 5.0.

If you are looking for an impressive IPA then this isn’t it. Having said that, it is okay and I think the warm sunshine of Ibiza helped its case.

Mahou & Founders Brewing

Mahou San Miguel is a Spanish brewery founded way back in 1890 and is well known for its Mahou beer. Although I have had this beer before in Spain it completely failed my memory and I didn’t recognise the name.

Mahou then is a pretty big brewing company owning the majority in San Miguel, Arian Breweries and Distilleries, as well as a stake in Avery Brewing Company and a 90% stake in Founders Brewing.

Mahou brew a lot of known brands like San Miguel, Corona, Alhambra and more, including of course Founders.

Founders Brewing was founded in 1997 by Mike Stevens and Dave Engbers in Michigam, US. From a shaky start it established itself as a popular craft brewery.

Producing popular beers like All Day IPA, KBS, Dirty Bastard and Founders Porter. Although it was tough at the beginning the brewery seem to go from strength to strength with several expansions under its belt.

However in 2014 Mahou acquired a 30% Stake in Founders Brewing. And again in 2019 purchase a further 60% stake in Founders leaving just a 10% stake shared equally between the two founders of the brewery.

Is this session IPA a version of Founders All Day IPA?

Who knows, but it’s certain to assume the can I consumed in Spain was brewed in Spain by Mahou.

Final Thoughts

Although the Session IPA in question is a collaboration between two breweries, in my opinion with Mahou owning a 90% stake in Founders Brewing, it is not a very convincing collaboration if you know what I mean.

That said, it is an okay beer, it doesn’t represent an old style IPA. Nor does it represent a modern craft IPA with intense hoppy and citrus kicks.

For me it is a cheeky easy drinking session IPA for those times when you just want to enjoy a beer without any complications. It won’t blow your socks off, but there’s nothing bad about it.

Would I recommend it? No, but if you see it, then give it a go and let me know what you think.

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