Rated Beers

Rated Beers

Rate My Beer is one of my favourite things (I wonder why). I just love trying new beers and to get to write about them and the breweries that produced them is a privilege. My goal is always to give you the best information I can about both the beers and the breweries. I hope I inspire you to try new beers and I hope you enjoy trying them as much as I do. On this page you will find all my rated beers to date.

They are simply listed by brewery in alphabetical order. Just click on the Brewery you are interested in and you will see the beers I have rated from that brewery. On each brewery page there will be a list of beers in the order I sampled them. Just click on the beer of choice and you will find the review of that beer.

Alternatively there is a drop down menu ‘Rate My Beer’ in the top menu. Or go to categories and click on ‘Rate My Beer’.

I hope you enjoy my beer reviews.

Adnams Brewery

Baron Brewing

Bath Ales

Beak Brewery

Beavertown Brewery

Black Sheep Brewery

Black Tor Brewery

Blue Moon Brewing Company

Boon Rawd Brewery

Box Steam Brewery

Bragdy Lleu

Bragdy Teifi

Brasserie D’Achouffe

Brasserie Goudale


Brew York

Brooklyn Brewery

Broughton Brewery

Brouwerij Van Steenberge

Budweiser Budvar Brewery

Burning Sky Brewery

Burnt Mill Brewery

Buxton Brewery

Camden Town Brewery

Chimay Brewery

Clovelly Brewery

Conwy Brewery

Craft Nation

Crafty Devil Brewing Co

Dartmoor Brewery

Drop Bear Beer Co

Duvel Moorgat Brewery

Edinburgh Beer Factory

Erdinger Weissbrau

Exmoor Ales

Felinfoel Brewery

Garage Beer Co

Geipel Brewery

Glasshouse Beer Co

Goose Island Beer Company

Gower Brewery

Gravity Well Brewing Co

Greene King Brewery

Hall & Woodhouse (Badger Ales)

Hambleton Brewery

Handsome Brewery

Harviestoun Brewery

Howling Hops Brewery

Innis & Gunn

Jennings Brewery

London Beer Factory

Macedonian Thrace Brewery

Magic Dragon Brewing

Magic Rock Brew Co

Malton Brewery

Manns Brewery

Mantle Brewery

Marston’s Brewery

Meantime Brewing Company

Monastère Abbey Beers

Monty’s Brewery

Morland Brewery

North Brewing Co

Northern Monk Brew Co

Oakham Ales

Purity Brewing Company

Robinsons Brewery

Roosters Brewing Co

S A Brain & Co

Salt Beer Factory

Santorini Brewing Company

Sapporo Brewery

Saugatuck Brewing Co

Sharps Brewery

Shepherd Neame Brewery

Shipyard Brewing Co

Sierra Nevada Brewing Co

St Austell Brewery

St James Gate Brewery

St Peter’s Brewery

Stewart Brewing

Theakston Brewery

Timothy Taylor’s

Tiny Rebel

Tomos Watkins

Tudor Brewery

Two Tribes Brewery

Vault City Brewing

Victoria Malaga Brewery

Vocation Brewery

Volkan Beer

Warsteiner Brewery

Well Drawn Brewing Co + Philly Brew Co

Wickwar Brewing Company

Williams Bros Brewing Co

Wychwood Brewery