Adnams Brewery

Adnams Brewery dates back to 1872 when brothers George and Ernest Adnams bought into the existing brewery in Southwold, England.

The existing brewery was Sole Bay Brewery and the name is still associated with Adnams.

The brewery still brews some beers from the original recipes. However with lots of investment they have not stayed in the past. Not only do they brew modern craft beers, but spirits, wines and cider too.

The brewery is located close to the seafront and the Southwold lighthouse in this seaside town on the East Coast of England.

Here are all the beers from Adnams Brewery that I have enjoyed and rated. More from this brewery will be added over time. So be sure to call back and I hope you enjoy my beer reviews, and the beer of course.

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Adnams Brewery

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Adnams Brewery