Fairy Tale Of Cardiff By Crafty Devil

What is Fairy Tale Of Cardiff all about? Well its a seasonal beer by the Crafty Devil Brewing Co based in Cardiff, Wales. I am sure from the name you can guess what season it appears.

The beer which is obviously inspired by the popular seasonal song is a mint chocolate milk stout. Sounds alright on paper, but how does it fair in reality?

Fairy Tale Of Cardiff By Crafty Devil

Wow it is powerful, but maybe a little too much. The black stout beer with its tan head is like a sheep in wolf’s clothing. The nose throws out such a strong minty chocolate that you feel like you have already tasted it. However when you do go in for a sip, brace yourself. The mint and chocolate hit you like a train, its a delight. There is a malty caramel background you expect from a stout, but the mint and chocolate just kill it. The more you sip the more overpowering it gets. The rate my beer score is 3.9 – 5.0.

It’s a great idea and believe me Crafty Devil deliver on the mint and chocolate. However it gets way too sickly after just a few sips.

Crafty Devil Brewery

Crafty Devil is probably the best known brewery in Cardiff and well known throughout Wales and the UK. A partnership between friends Adam Edinborough and Rhy’s Watkins they have come a long way.

The two friends started in a garden shed in 2014 and brewed from there for around nine months. However they then moved to their current brewery in Canton, Cardiff.

Apart from the brewery they also have two bars which incorporate shops. One in Canton and one in Penarth, Cardiff.

If you want exciting real craft beer then Crafty Devil’s beer is a great choice.

Drinking Fairy Tale Of Cardiff

Reviewing Fairy Tale Of Cardiff By Crafty Devil

I tried this beer recently on a trip to a craft beer pub the Bottle and Barrel in Aberystwyth, Wales. It is one of four I got on a beer flight.

Although a seasonal beer, the season in question being the recent festive one. It was still on tap at the end of January.

A typical black stout with a tan head sits in the glass wafting its generous aromas. And they are generous, get your nose near the glass and BOOM.

Mint chocolate fires out the glass like a rocket, destroying any other aromas competing for the limelight.

It puts a smile on your face, which comes back after the first sip too, it’s like a WOW moment. It tastes like a mint choc chip ice cream, or one of those mint chocolates you are only allowed after eight o’clock.

A strong mint chocolate swirls around the mouth, concentrate and you can find a malty caramel with a little roasted coffee. However the mint and chocolate own the show and overpower any other flavour.

The Verdict

For me its too much, too rich and gets a bit sickly fast, and where is the bitterness. May be it can work as a dessert replacement after a meal. But one thing is for sure a pint is definitely the limit, which is a good thing at 6.8% ABV.

The name of this beer is ‘Mint Chocolate Milk Stout’ and Crafty Devil deliver just that. So it will have its fans, but for me its too much and gets a rate my beer score of 3.9 – 5.0.

A smile also hit M’Lady’s face too, but again Lou found it too rich. Lou says “a mint choc chip ice cream that leaves a Tia Maria coffee aftertaste, just too sweet. A rate my beer score from Lou is 3.6 – 5.0.

Crafty Devil Beers

Being a true craft beer brewery, Crafty Devil constantly produce new beers. They have a few main stayers that have been around from the start. Also there are seasonal beers like the one being scrutinised toady.

However there are plenty of beers that come and go, because they are a brewery that thrive to produce new products.

Here are a few under my spotlight.

Dance Macabre

Sounds a bit of a gruesome beer, Dance Macabre is a dark beer with a difference. Unlike most dark beers that may lean on a nice bitterness. This grisly beer has been de-bittered and flooded with Galaxy and Citra hops.

The hops will hit you and so will the strength at 6.4% Vol, so tread carefully.

Magic Bus

Another hop sensation crossing West Coast and Hazy styles to produce a tasty IPA for the masses. The Mosaic and Simcoe hop combination lend this beer a crisp and refreshing feel.

A hoppy beer with am understated bitter finish makes it an appealing drink. Be sure not to fall into its drinkability because it packs a 6.2% ABV punch.

Return Of The Gats

A rugby inspired hazy pale ale especially for the Welsh Fan. Yes, Warren Gatland has come back to coach the Welsh Rugby team once again, just in time for the Six Nations.

This beer celebrates his return and you will be pleased to know its a session beer at 4.5% Vol. Very wise decision Crafty Devil as no doubt it will be a favourite on match day.

Final Thoughts

There is no doubt that Crafty Devil are an exciting brewery producing exciting beers. A success story born in a shed and now firmly on the craft beer map of Britain.

There is always something new to try from this brewery, But I have to say while many will like the rich and decedent Fairy Tale Of Cardiff, for me its a no.

Just as well it only comes around once a year. If you have tried the fairy tale then share your thoughts below. Is it a big yes, or a big no?

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