Saltaire Brewery

Saltaire Brewery was founded in 2005 by Tony Garland and Derek Todd. The brewery is located in Shipley, Yorkshire, England.

A close by village called Saltaire which was built by Sir Titus Salt back in the 1850’s is the inspiration for the breweries name.

Tony and Derek met in 2003 while both attending a brewing course in Newcastle, North England. This is where the idea of Saltaire brewery was born.

Two years later and their idea was born in the form of a microbrewery.

Fast forward to the present day and the brewery has expanded with facilities that include their own packaging plant.

As well as a tap room where visitors can experience their beer at its freshest. If visitors time it right they may be the first to try a new beer at the tap room.

Saltaire has a good range of beers, from lagers, pale ales, IPA’s, bitters and stouts. There is something for everyone, and quality is assured.

On this page there will be links to the beers I have tried from Saltaire Brewery. The list will grow over time as I get to experience more.