St Peter’s Brewery

St Peter’s Brewery was founded in 1996 by John Murphy and is said to be one of the original craft breweries. It is set in former agricultural buildings in the grounds of St Peter’s Hall.

The historic St Peter’s Hall is situated in St Peter’s South Elmham, Suffolk, England. The brewery has its own bore hole and draws water from beneath the brewery filtered through chalk.

The produce bottled, keg and cask ales. The bottles are uniquely shaped oval bottles fashioned on an old eighteen century gin bottle.

After 23 years John Murphy made the decision to retire and sell the brewery. In 2021 a group of friends headed by a Derek Jones acquired the brewery.

The brewery produce a selection of pale ales, bitters, porters, stouts and fruit beers. Also they have some alcohol free beers too.

On this page I will feature all the St Peter beers I get to try, the list will grow over time.