Kona Brewing Co

Kona Brewing Co started life back in 1994 in Hawaii, it was a dream of father and son partnership Cameron Healy and Spoon Khalsa.

They wanted to create beer that reflected the Aloha lifestyle of Hawaii. The brewery went from strength to strength and by 2008 the brewery was well established and had three pub restaurants too.

In 2010 the brewery was acquired by the Craft Brew Alliance which has connections to Anheuser-Busch. The beer began being brewed in sites across the US as well as other places.

In 2020 the Kona Brewing Co became independent again being sold to PV Brewing Partners. However the other breweries under Craft Brew Alliance still remain. This means there is a Kona Brewery in Hawaii as well as in the US.

Separate breweries both producing and selling the same beer brand. A little confusing, but it means that if you are in Hawaii you will get the Kona Hawaii Beer, but elsewhere will tend to be the US version.

I will feature any Kona beer I get to try on this page, whether it is the Hawaii one or the US one.