Evan Evans Brewery

Evan Evans Brewery was founded in 2004 by Simon Buckley, a man who’s family have over 250 years of brewing history.

It all started in 1767 when Henry Childs started brewing beer and developed Childs brewery. Childs Daughter married the Reverend James Buckley who several years later found himself running the brewery.

Over time the brewery was passed on through the generations. Until that is it escaped the family and eventually ended up in the hands of Brains Brewery.

Simon Buckley went onto form Tomos Watkins brewery in 1995, but again this brewery ended up in the hands of Hurns Brewery in 2002.

Two years later and Simon Buckley continued to do what the family does best and Evan Evans Brewery was born.

After two successful decades the brewery is thriving and now run by Simons son James with younger family members waiting in the wings.

Evan Evans is now a well established and well loved brewery in Wales, and best of all is still and independent brewery.

On this page there will be all the beers I get to try from Evan Evans Brewery. The list will grow over time.