Tudor Brewery

Tudor Brewery shut down in 2010 and Stephen Devine decided to acquire it in 2011 as a small traditional brewery.

Sadly Stephen lost a fight against cancer and a few months later passed.

His family decided to continue forward with the brewery. Determined to make it work in honour of Stephen. The microbrewery is still a small affair to this day, but has won many accolades along the way.

Being a small brewery everything is done by the family with their own hands. No fancy brewing equipment and no mass production. The beer is brewed by hand, bottle by hand and capped by hand. Even the labels are done by hand and packaged the same.

A good selection of beers in their range, you know whichever one you choose, its an honest beer. This page will have all the Tudor beers I get to try. The list will grow as time goes on, enjoy.