What Do You Put Outside A Pub Shed

Building a pub shed is quite a big project. Whether you are converting an old shed or constructing a new one there is plenty to do. However once you have built it, what do you put outside a pub shed?

There are many options, but the outside area, or beer garden is a chance to build on what you have already created with the pub shed. Another inviting space that will compliment your bar.

What Do You Put Outside A Pub Shed?

The best thing to put outside a pub shed is a beer garden. Just like many pubs have a beer garden, why not create one outside your pub shed. It will enhance the whole pub shed experience, especially on a sunny day. A beer garden is an extension of the pub.

Apparently the beer garden originated in Bavaria.

The first thing to decide when creating a beer garden is what ground surface to have.

What Is The Best Ground Surface For A Beer Garden?

What Do You Put Outside A Pub Shed

There are several options that you can choose for the ground surface when creating a beer garden for a pub shed.

You can opt for employing a builder or landscaper to create your beer garden ground surface. Who will help advise what the best surface might be for your situation. Or you can put your DIY head on and create the surface yourself.

Each type of ground surface will differ in cost as well as the level of work involved to build them. Here are a few to think of.

Concrete Base

A concrete base is probably the most common form of ground surface for an outside area. However they are quite labour intensive and involve digging out a fair amount of earth.

A sub base needs to be laid using MOT type 1 which needs to be compacted using a wacker plate. Then the concrete has to be mixed and poured too.

There is a fair amount involved with a concrete base, as well as materials too. So it can workout quite expensive, especially if you hire a contractor to do it for you.

Concrete does provide a good solid base that will last for years (providing it has been laid properly). However it is not always the best looking surface, so might not fit with your pub shed.

Paved Patio

Paving slabs are a good alternative to laying a concrete base. But again can be quite labour intensive and pretty heavy work too.

This does depend on the size of slabs you go for, the bigger ones making it heavier work. Again it does involve digging out some earth and laying a good solid sub base.

Plain concrete slabs will look similar to a concrete base. Having said that there are many decorative slabs so you can end up with a nice design for your beer garden ground surface.

Wooden Decking

What Do You Put Outside A Pub Shed

A wooden decking is a nice surface to have for a pub shed beer garden. It is not quite so labour intensive and can be cheaper too.

Depending on the floor height of the pub shed will depend on whether any digging will need to happen. It is easy to adjust the height of a wooden decking, as well as level it too.

This is the ground surface I have gone for outside my pub shed. I removed the grass, but did not have to remove any more earth.

I then made the area as level as possible and laid out a weed membrane.

After that I built a wooden frame and supported it on short legs that are supported by gravel grids. The same gravel grids I used for the pub shed base.

Deck boards are screwed to the wooden frame and the decking is complete. Decking does make a good ground surface option, creating a nice area outside my pub shed.

Artificial Grass

Artificial grass may be a good option for a beer garden too. Giving a more natural look without the maintenance of real grass.

Again the original grass will have to be removed and the area spread with sand. The sand needs to be compacted to create a firm base for the artificial grass. A weed membrane is then put down before the grass is laid.

Once the grass is laid it is fixed down using ground spikes or long nails. Finally another layer of sand is spread over the grass and brushed in to leave a nice looking lawn.

Artificial grass is a good option, creating a natural looking outside space for any pub shed.

What Goes In A Pub Shed Beer Garden?

Choosing which ground surface you go for is a personal choice. The same goes for what you put in a beer garden.

Tables and chairs are the most obvious thing to add to a beer garden. Creating a nice outside seating area to enjoy a tipple on warm dry days.

But there is plenty more we can add to a beer garden. Set up a barbeque area for some tasty food to go with your drinks.

For those chilly days why not add a patio heater or fire pit to keep you warm.

Plants in pots can add a little flair and colour to a beer garden. Lights will also add to the overall look at dusk and beyond.

An umbrella or gazebo can help to keep the sun off on those hot days. Garden ornaments can add to the look of a beer garden too.

Basically anything you want to add to your pub sheds outside area is okay. Create the beer garden that you are happy with.

Final Thoughts

So the sky is the limit when you are deciding what to put in your pub shed beer garden. I have just got seating at the moment.

But I do plan to add some plants, lighting and maybe an umbrella too. Just as the pub shed itself, it will develop over time.

The most important part and the part that takes the most work is the ground surface. I went for wooden decking because I like decking and it is fairly easy to build.

It is also fairly easy to remove in the future, unlike concrete or paving slabs. Once the ground surface is done, then it is just a matter of having fun creating the beer garden you want.

If you have any ideas one ground surface or what to add to a pub shed beer garden. The do share your thoughts below.

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