What Type Of Theme Should I Pick For A Home Bar – 20 Home Bar Themes To Inspire

So you have decided to set up a home bar, a great decision. A home bar is a great way to create the ultimate entertaining space or to just enjoy a drink after a long day. One of the best ways to enhance your bar area and make it truly unique is to choose an attractive home bar theme with corresponding decor. But what type of theme should I pick for a home bar.

In this article, we’ll explore 30 home bar themes to inspire you. Along with decor ideas to create a stylish and inviting space to entertain family and friends.

Imagine Classis Elegance, a Tiki Paradise or Industrial Chic. For a more traditional feel opt for an Irish Pub or an English Pub theme. There are many themes to choose from including Hollywood Glam, Casino Royale or a Tropical Paradise.

The sky is the limit, so let your imagination run wild.

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20 Home Bar Themes To Inspire

The themes presented in this post are to inspire and give you ideas for your home bar. You can go full on in a theme that interest you. Or just take ideas from a theme to go alongside your own ideas.

Mix and match by taking ideas from several themes. There are no rules, just ideas to inspire.

1. Classic Elegance

20 Home Bar Themes

This type of theme is all about style and sophistication and will never go out of fashion. A home bar with the charm of a bygone era.

Pleasing Aesthetics of aged leather and sparkling crystal glassware with vintage cocktail shakers decorating the bar and a little Frank playing in the background.

Decor: Think wood panelling, dark woods like mahogany or black walnut for the bar top and shelving. Look for vintage cocktail tools, silver bar accessories and crystal glassware.

Leather armchairs and bar stools. Elegant light fittings, fancy mirrors and vintage prints on the walls.

The classic elegant look is timeless and never goes out of style. A perfect look creates a great space to relax and enjoy a drink with family and friends.

2. Tiki Paradise

20 Home Bar Themes

A Tiki style home bar is a fun and vibrant place to be, with a tropical island vibe. A carnival of colour and the best cocktails in town.

Tropical plants and palm trees sway to the sound of steel drums. Vibrant colours of blue, orange and yellow create a tropical feel. Bamboo furniture, soft torch style lighting and tiki masks give that chilled vibe.

Decor: Use bamboo and thatch elements, bar stools, tables and shelving. An artificial palm tree and tropical plants create an authentic island vibe.

Decorate walls with vibrant colours like greens, blues and oranges to get that tropical feel.

Tiki torch style lighting and string lighting, tropical island prints on the walls. Add colourful tiki style signs and tiki masks and carvings.

Tiki style glassware and mugs, coconut cups and beach style accessories.

A tiki style bar is not only fun and lively with those tropical sounds filling the air. But it is also laid back and carefree, not a worry in sight. A great space to entertain and take you back to that island vacation.

Serve colourful exotic cocktails with umbrellas and straws and get fell that island vibe.

3. Industrial Chic

The industrial look home bar with the vintage factory vibe coupled with a modern chic style finish might just be the right theme. An urban feel that is raw and edgy, yet functional and stylish.

It is a style that appeals to me and can factor in exposed walls, reclaimed wood, metal furniture and industrial lighting with Edison bulbs.

Decor: Exposed brick walls or neutral colour walls give an industrial feel. Use reclaimed wood for the bar and shelving. A polished concrete bar top could be the way to go, giving a raw industrial look.

Metal pan light fittings with Edison bulbs and industrial style pipe work accessories. A metal pipe foot rail on the bar will look the part.

Factory style ornaments like pulleys and gears incorporate the right vibe. Utilise the industrial revolution with old prints of that era on the walls.

Simple chic cocktail tools and metal and chrome fixings. Metal bar stools, chic leather chairs with a metal table.

The industrial chic look is fairly easy to achieve joining old rustic with smart modern. A combination that goes well together and creates cool entertainment space.

4. Speakeasy Style

20 Home Bar Themes

Create a home bar that takes you back to the 1920’s and the secret speakeasy bars of the prohibition era. For the ultimate authenticity why not build a hidden entrance.

Go for deep dark colours and rich red leather or velvet furniture. Vintage barware and bar stools, with mood lighting and 1920’s scenes on the walls. All these things and a little soft jazz playing, create that secretive and rebellion feel of a speakeasy bar.

Decor: Again exposed brick walls will work well, or walls painted deep blue, burgundy or emerald green. Red leather chesterfields or velvet wing back arm chairs give a feel of the era. Think antique style tables and barstools.

Soft dim lighting by way of vintage style lamps and wall sconces. A dark wood bar with polished brass accessories and fittings.

Ornate mirrors and pictures with scenes of the 20’s set the mood. Vintage barware with silver cocktail tools and crystal glasses and decanters.

A speakeasy theme for a home bar is a good look and popular too. Especially if you can pull off the hidden entrance. It creates a fun secretive style bar that makes you feel like a bit of a rebel.

5. Coastal Retreat

If a sandy beach with the ocean lapping at your feet is your ideal getaway. then why not create your own coastal retreat home bar.

Bring those fresh coastal elements to your bar with light blue and aqua colours, drift wood and wicker furniture.

Decor: Think light pastel colours, natural wood walls or painted in light blues and aqua to get that ocean vibe. Use reclaimed whitewashed wood for the bar with a polished drift wood top. The same for any shelving, keeping the rust beach feel.

Instal beach themed lighting incorporating seashells, roping and driftwood lamps. Use similar things for ornaments, seashells ropes netting, starfish, mermaids and sailing boats.

Get that coastal feel with wicker or rattan tables and chairs, as well as bar stools. Drape light coloured textiles of aqua and white, and add some flowing plants like fern and grass.

A coastal retreat bar theme creates a light airy atmosphere to relax and forget the daily stresses. A place to escape with family and friends while sipping on a cocktail and taking in nature.

6. Rustic Retreat

20 Home Bar Themes

How about a home bar inspired by a mountain or wilderness lodge right in the heart of nature. A rustic retreat theme can incorporate as much of nature as you want, with warm colours and soft lighting.

Use natural woods and logs, as well as comfy soft furnishing and animal inspired accessories. A place to feel at one with nature while enjoying your favourite tipple.

Decor: Use as many wood elements as you like, log walls, reclaimed wood for the bar and shelves. Exposed beams and a rustic wooden floor will add to that cabin feel.

Create a focal point like a fireplace to get the warm atmosphere. Soft warm light fittings, such as lanterns and wall candle sconces.

Choose the colours of nature with earthy colours like greens and browns and dark reds too. Soft comfy sofas and armchairs with upholstered bar stools.

Use throws for the furniture and add some faux fur rugs as well as some animal ornaments. Add a few small branches and pinecones for detail as well as some dried flowers too. And pictures of nature on the walls will create the perfect lodge.

A rustic retreat theme is a way of bringing nature into your home bar. Like being in the wilderness or a mountain lodge. Creating a cozy warm space to enjoy a few drinks with family and friends.

7. Modern Minimalism

If you prefer a modern style with clean lines and no fuss, the what about a modern minimalistic home bar. A bar that is uncluttered with clean lines and modern furniture.

A cool place to unwind and enjoy a drink or two in a simplistic and sleek atmosphere.

Decor: Keep the bar simple with a coloured structure and a polish top with metal foot bar rail. Use metal or glass shelves with simple lighting to highlight them.

Decorate with neutral colours of white, gray and black, incorporating brushed metals and chrome. Use cool crisp lighting with pendant style and track lights too.

Chrome and glass barware with simple lines. Modern sleek furniture with slim profile bar stools, metal and leather might capture the look.

Abstract artwork and ornaments with simple designs that compliment the minimalistic style.

This style of bar theme is a cool clean look that suits those that don’t like clutter. Dress up and have a cocktail at that sleek new modern contemporary home bar.

8. Rustic Western Saloon

20 Home Bar Themes

The rustic western saloon will take you back to the old west with all its rugged charm. Think classic western movies and frontier saloons.

Slide those drinks along that polished wooden bar to the hands of your friends as they enjoy your western style watering hole.

Decor: A simple wooden bar with minimal detail and a polished surface. Use reclaimed or distressed wood for panelling and shelving to get that authentic western look.

Simple wooden bar stools and tables and chairs with minimal detail. Or use whiskey barrels to create tables and cut out barrels for chairs.

Simple wooden style lighting like a wagon wheel with candle style fittings. Western style memorabilia like cowboy hats, lassos, fake guns and spurs. Classic framed western movie posters for the walls and western inspired wall plaques and signs.

Vintage but simple barware and glasses emulate the simplicity of a western saloon. Chuck in a faux cow hide rug as a nice touch too.

The rustic western style home bar is a simple look to pull off, but holds a lot of fun in it. A great place to enjoy with family and friends taking you back to the good ole wild west.

9. Contemporary Martini Lounge

Although this is close to a modern minimalistic style bar, but with a little more cosmopolitan flair. Sleek and clean design with the feel of a chic cocktail fan.

If you like a cocktail bar, then this could be the bar theme to go for, creating a modern and elegant space. The prefect home bar to throw cocktail parties for family and friends.

Decor: A clean simple bar with a shiny of mirrored finish. The same for the back bar or shelving for liquor bottles, a little mirror finish and strip lighting adds that martini glamour.

Keep the colour scheme mono with white, grey and black for a sleek modern look. Use recessed and low lighting with modern design that is dimmable for ambiance.

Think luxury velvet upholstered furniture, bar stools and lounge chairs in deep red and blue. Clean stylish tables and modern art on the walls for a little sophistication.

Shiny chrome barware and cocktail tools with classic stem glasses on display. Especially the famous martini glasses. Use pillows and rugs in contrasting colours to add a little drama.

A martini lounge is the perfect home bar for the cocktail over or budding mixologist. A perfect place to throw cocktail parties or just to enjoy a long martini after a long day.

10. Wine Cellar Retreat

20 Home Bar Themes

The perfect home bar theme for the wine enthusiast, inspire by the wine world and those dark musty cellars. Perfect if your home bar happens to be in the basement.

Indulge in the world of wine while surrounded by rich woods and atmospheric lighting. A place to display all your favourite wine and maybe host the odd wine tasting party.

Decor: Think traditional old world with rich dark woods for the small bar and top, no need for a big bar. Add barrel tables and chairs and use brick or stone for the walls for that cellar feel.

Use soft warm lighting with pendant styles or candle sconces, even a chandelier might fit the bill. Fit wine racks and display cabinets for your wine collection and wine glasses.

Think of wine art for the walls, vineyard scenes and even maps sowing wine regions. Anything to do with wine incorporate it in your wine cellar theme.

A great idea for those who love their wine and a perfect place to gather with other wine lover friends for a tasting night. Emulating a cellar just adds to the wine feel and creates the perfect space to enjoy a world of wine.

11. Sports Bar Haven

A classic themed pub for the sports mad home bar owner creates excitement and sharing. A place for the thrill of the game, an exciting and vibrant place.

Combining comfortable seating, sport memorabilia and multi media entertainment you will be the envy of your friends.

Decor: A simple bar and top maybe painted in your favourite teams colours. The same goes for the bar stools which should be comfortable for the long game.

Other seating could be inspired by stadium seating, just as the lighting too. This can extend to barware and glasses too, but if not then just keep them simple.

Add a few sports style games if you have the room, like foosball, dartboard and pool table.

However the main thing for a sport bar is memorabilia, posters and signs. Add plenty of sports things to your bar, favourite team posters, signs you might get at a stadium. Shop for vintage sports sign to add to the walls too.

However, don’t forget the big screen TV with surround sound, that is a must or there would be point for a sports theme.

If it is sports related and you like it, add it to your home bar.

A sports bar is the perfect theme for a sports fan (obviously), and perfect to watch the game with like minded friends.

The best thing is why you are waiting for the game to start a friendly game of darts or pool will be perfect.

12. Hollywood Glam

20 Home Bar Themes

How about glamming up and going Hollywood style, black ties and ballgowns all the way. Think the golden age of cinema and the red carpet glamour.

Relax in the shimmery decor, plush furnishing and Hollywood nostalgia all brought to your very own home bar.

Decor: Use art deco inspired elements for the decor as well as the bar. Streamlined furniture with plush upholstery in sapphire blue or ruby red. Geometric patterns and mirrored surfaces, this could include the bar too.

Go extravagant with the lighting, hanging pendants or crystal chandelier, even a disco ball would not look out of place.

Put Hollywood inspired signs on the walls and posters with actors or cinema scenes on. Black and white photos of iconic Hollywood stars will look great too.

Go bling with barware, gold or silver cocktail tools and crystal cut glasses. Have plenty of champagne glasses ready for award ceremonies.

Have some fun by adding a red carpet style runner leading to the bar area. Rope off a VIP area for your A lister friends.

Hollywood Glam is a fun theme while being plush and glamorous with a classic edge. Perfect for a movie night while sipping Champagne. As long as you have a TV in your bar too.

13. Nautical Retreat

If you are passionate about maritime and the sea then a nautical theme will be perfect. Combine a love of boats with the rawness of the ocean.

A perfect place to explore the ocean while relaxing on the deck of your own yacht sipping your favourite tipple.

Decor: Keep the bar simple but decorate with a nautical theme, rope, anchors, ships wheel or a life buoy. If you are handy at woodwork, fashion the bar into the bow of a boat.

Keep colours pastel with shades of blue and white, add some stripes too. Simple or weathered furniture will look good. The bar stools could be captains chairs or just simple stools with blue upholstery.

Lantern style or pendant lighting will add to the nautical flair. Barware and glasses can be simple because its all about the decor.

Ropes, anchors, life buoys, port holes and netting can hang and be fixed to the ceiling and walls. Artwork of sailing boats, lighthouses and nautical maps will fit perfectly.

If your are into boats and the sea then a nautical theme will be the perfect style for a home bar. Welcome your friends aboard for drinks and enjoy the waves of fun on a fantastic voyage.

14. Retro 1950’s Diner

Rock around the clock with a 1950’s diner inspired home bar. What could be more fun than bold colours, retro decor and vintage flair.

This is an iconic theme where you and friends can relax in a fun filled vibrant atmosphere while bopping the night away to the jukebox in the corner.

Decor: A red and white bar with a shiny steel bar top will look the part in this home bar theme. Which will fit perfectly with a black and white checkerboard floor.

Chrome tables with white tops, chrome chairs with red vinyl upholstery. The same goes for the bar stools bold and bright.

If you have the room you can even create those famous diner booths too.

Go the whole nine yards with red walls too, or contrast the brightness with white plain white walls. Get yourself a jukebox or a jukebox style sound system.

Decorate the walls with movie or advertising posters. As well as vintage signs of classic cars and rock ‘n’ roll icons. Include classic coca cola memorabilia like signs, trays and bottle openers.

Don’t forget a retro style fridge too.

If you like the 50’s diner style with its exciting vibrant feel, then this is a great theme to create for a home bar. However it could take a lot to achieve, as well as being expensive too.

15. Irish Pub

20 Home Bar Themes

Why not capture the warmth of the Irish hospitality and create an Irish themed home bar. Filled with fun an antics a perfect setting for a home bar.

Enjoy a pint of the black stuff with friends, or sip on a classic Irish whiskey. Its gotta be worth the craic.

Decor: A dark wood bar with a brass rail, also dark wood panelling too. Traditional style pub tables and chairs with simple upholstered seats. The same goes for the bar stools, simple with upholstered seats.

Brass and copper light fittings and bar taps, as well as tableware too. If there is room for a fireplace, then go for it, but keep it traditional.

Include a Guinness tap on the bar, even if it just for show, however a working one would be better. A good collection of Irish whiskey displayed on shelves behind the bar. Maybe the odd whiskey barrel too for decoration.

Plenty of Irish memorabilia, like shamrocks, Gaelic sayings and Claddagh symbols on the walls.

It won’t be complete without a bit of Guinness flair, add a few Guinness posters, signs, trays or bottle openers.

When you think Irish pub you think of a good craic. The place to have fun with family and friends with a pint or two of the black stuff.

Alternatively a quite night could had savouring a classic Irish whiskey.

16. Moroccan Oasis

For something a little bit different, what about a laid back comfortable Moroccan home bar theme. Immerse yourself in the Moroccan culture with vibrant colours and intricate patterns.

Chill out with friends on soft furnishings and floor cushions while sipping a cool cocktail. Create an exotic laid back inviting space and embrace the Moroccan spirit.

Decor: Create a bar with Moroccan style mosaic tiles. Use warm and rich colours for the walls, like deep blues, terracotta orange and luxurious purples. These can also be used for furniture and accessories.

Create a soft furnishing area with scatter cushions and floor cushions, its about lounging around.

Search for typical Moroccan style lantern hanging lights and lamps to create a soft and warm ambiance.

Include intricate patterned textiles, carved wooden screens and mosaic ceramics to decorate. And maybe a tapestry or two on the walls to add a little Moroccan flair.

Laid back is the name of the game in a Moroccan home bar. So chill out with friends while taking in the Moroccan ambiance and sipping on a cocktail or twoo.

17. Sci Fi Chic

Step into the future with a sci fi inspired home bar that retains a little contemporary chic. Jump aboard the spaceship and take a journey through time and space while enjoying your favourite tipple.

Futuristic with clean modern lines and plenty of space memorabilia. Its the perfect setting for a sci fi fan.

Decor: Design a bar that replicates a spaceship or futuristic console, sharp lines and sleek bar counter. Go galactic with the colours, deep blues, purples and black with some metallic elements.

The lighting can be wild with futuristic shapes in chrome, LED strip lights and sleek modern light fittings. Cover the ceiling in small LED lights to create that starry effect.

Choose modern sleek furniture maybe go chrome or brushed steel with bright vinyl upholstery.

Cover the walls with posters of iconic sci fi characters and spaceships, as well as famous sci fi quotes. Incorporate a few circuit boards and holographic elements.

Sci Fi can be a lot of fun and if you are into it, then a sci fi chic themed home bar might be just the thing. You could call it the Barship Enterprise.

18. Steampunk Bar

20 Home Bar Themes

Steampunk is a cool look and would work perfectly in a home bar. Combining vintage style with industrial elements and futuristic fantasy.

Its like and industrial revolution of the past but in the future. A good combo for an unusual home bar set up.

Decor: The bar can be dark wood finished with a sheet metal style bar counter with exposed rivets. The same goes for the furniture, metal industrial looking tables. Wooden or metal chairs with distressed upholstery.

Mechanical looking bar stools with metal seats or distressed upholstery seats. Leather armchairs or sofas fit in well with the steampunk look.

Incorporate industrial design elements of expose brick walls. Exposed metal pipework and cogs and gears for a rugged and mechanical atmosphere.

Brass and copper pan lighting with Edison bulbs, factory style lighting with warm glow bulbs.

Include Victorian style bits and bobs, like pocket watches, ornate mirrors and a vintage globe to decorate the bar. Maps and blueprints with steampunk inspired art hang on the walls to complete the look.

A steampunk home bar theme is a cool choice if you like a more industrial feel with interest decorative pieces and a rugged edge.

Hard industrial metal and vintage soft leather work well together to create a unique style of home bar.

19. Parisian Bistro

A Parisian bistro style theme captures the classic elegant feel of a French Cafe and their romantic ambiance.

Think of the charming streets of Paris with sophistication and a joy of living feel to the space. A home bar with that Parisian flair could be the perfect place to relax.

Decor: Think traditional style bar with dark wood and paneling to the front. A brass foot or hand rail furnishes the top and bottom of the bar.

Bistro style wrought iron tables and chairs with polished wood or marble tops. Traditional spindle style wooden bar stools with upholstered seats. Leather armchairs and sofas lend a little Je Ne Sais Quoi.

Soft pastel wall colours of blue, cream or light grey. Delicate chandeliers and pendant lights and/or vintage wall scones with soft bulb lighting.

Vintage mirrors with fancy frames and artwork and posters of Parisian street scenes and landmarks like the Eiffel Tower and river seine.

Wine racks and vintage bottle openers will add a cool touch. Cafe signs and chalk boards finish off that french bistro look.

A Parisian bistro style home bar is sleek and stylish with the charm of romantic Paris. The perfect place to chill out and converse with friends over a glass of wine or french beer.

20. English Pub

20 Home Bar Themes

The traditional English pub, a bit rough and ready, but with a certain cosy charm. The back street boozer with dark wood, basic furniture and the chit chat of locals.

A great look to emulate in a home bar especially if you love beer.

Decor: Traditional wooden bar with brass hand and foot rails and accessories. Wood panelling and picture rails. Dark colours of deep red, green or brown.

Hand pump and beer taps fixed to the bar, preferably working, but if not then just for show. Vintage bar signs with traditional British pub names.

Iron frame tables with wooden tops and bench seating with upholstered seats. Traditional bar stools with upholstered seats. But also short stools with upholstered seats too to sit at the tables.

Classic pub style lighting of pendants and pan style shades for a warming atmosphere. Display vintage photos and scenes of local landmarks.

If there is room for a fireplace then add one for an authentic pub look. Don’t forget the dartboard or pool table if you have the room. Card games and dominos on the behind bar ready for use.

A good old British pub is the perfect theme for a home bar if you like traditional style and a warm cosy ambiance.

Invite your friends over for a game of darts and a few pints of real ale, what could be better?

Final Thoughts

I hope you have enjoyed going through the home bar themes I have included in this post. There are plenty to choose from and hopefully you are inspired to go for one with your own home bar project.

They are not set in stone and can be mixed and matched. Just take aspect of different themes you like and put them together to create your own unique look.

I love the English pub theme, probably because I have been in many over the years and they are always so inviting and warm.

The English pub theme is the main influence for my own home bar. However there will be things missing and other aspects that will find there way in.

It is about making the style your own, be influenced by a style and add your own stamp. Or go all in for the authentic look.

The most important things is to have fun and enjoy you home bar. If you have any questions or ideas and tips, then do share your thoughts below.


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