How Long Will Prosecco Last Once Opened?

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It is not worth opening a bottle of prosecco if you are only going to have one glass. Why? Because it will lose all that lovely fizz. That is how a lot of people think, and they are right because it will lose its fizz. But how long will prosecco last once opened?

Prosecco, as well as other sparkling wines, or even Champagne can actually last for a few days. When we treat them correctly after opening, then we can continue to enjoy them the following day. Just a couple of tricks is all it takes to keep it fizzing.

How Long Will Prosecco Last Once Opened?

A bottle of fizz can last between three to five days if a proper stopper is used. It needs to be a stopper that is designed for sparkling wine or Champagne. This works best when you seal it as soon as you have poured a glass. Keep it cold too, put the bottle straight back in the fridge.

Follow these tips and you will get the best out of your prosecco.

Is A Spoon The Answer For Keeping The Fizz?

Is A Spoon The Answer For Keeping The Fizz

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What about a spoon, apparently that helps keep the fizz in your bottle of bubbly. Instead of wasting your unfinished prosecco, pop the handle of a teaspoon in the bottles neck. This is said to preserve the bubbles because the metal handle cools down the air inside the bottle.

Does it work? Some say yes, and some say no and pass it off a a myth. There have been many experiments on this subject and it doesn’t seem to be any science to back it up. There are a few in this interesting article at Scientific American.

Keep It Cold, Keep It Fizzy

Keeping your bubbly cold can help to keep the fizz for longer. Don’t let the bubbles warm up, once you pour a glass put it straight back in the fridge. The cold air slows down the release of C02 which helps preserve the bubbles.

A bottle of sparkling wine or Champagne can still retain the fizz the following day if left open in the fridge. As long as it has not been allowed to warm up. So once you have opened and poured a glass or two, put it straight back in the fridge.

Maybe this is why the spoon trick seems to work because once you put the spoon in, you put it in the fridge. Whether you put a spoon in or not, as long as you keep the prosecco cold, it will retain some fizz. It is not a long term solution though. By this I mean it will not keep the fizz for several days, just by keeping it cold.

It may preserve some bubbles over a 24 hour period, but not much longer. Is there anything that will keep your bubbly, well bubbly?

Best Way To Keep Your Prosecco Fizzy

Best Way To Keep Your Prosecco Fizzy

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There is a way to prolong those bubbles in your prosecco. Not just for prosecco either, this goes for any sparkling wine or Champagne. It works best if you also keep the bottle cold as previously suggested.

Sealing the bottle straight after you pour a glass is the best way to preserve the fizz. This can’t be done with the cork because of the shape, it just won’t go back in. Whilst the plastic style cork will go back in, it can also pop back out again because of the pressure in the bottle.

What is the answer then?

A decent stopper specifically designed for sparkling wine or Champagne, that’s the answer. The right stopper will keep your favorite bubbly, fizzy to the last drop. But there are some rules to adhere to for the best results. These three simple steps will help to preserve those bubbles, and allow for the perfect scenario for storing unused prosecco.

Before we start, the bottle should have been chilled.

Step One

Open the bottle slowly, don’t shake it and launch the cork like a bullet firing from a gun. Letting the cork pop and fly through the air, whilst dangerous also affects the fizz. The sudden drop in pressure will use up far to much of those bubbles.

Opening it slowly and precisely will keep the bubbles where you want them to be, in the bottle. When you open sparkling wine or Champagne this way there should only be a tiny pop or just a hiss sound. The other bonus is that you don’t waste any of your bubbly. It might not be as dramatic, but it’s the right way to do it.

Step Two

Once the bottle is successfully opened and you have poured a glass or two, put a stopper straight on the bottle. Make sure it is a stopper that is designed for sparkling wine or Champagne. This will help preserve what is left in the bottle.

Resealing the bottle will help to keep the fizz for around three days. Some say three to five days, which is possible, but I think three days is more realistic.

Step Three

Now that the remainder of the bottle of prosecco is sealed it is time to get it in the fridge. Keeping your prosecco cold will aid in keeping the fizz inside, for the next visit. It will never be as fresh as the point it was opened. But at least these three steps will keep it in the best condition possible.

  • Open slowly
  • Reseal straight away
  • Put back in the fridge
Keep Your Prosecco Cold

That is it, three easy steps to store your sparkling wine or Champagne in the best way. It will keep it fresh and fizzy.

Final Thoughts

Prosecco or any other sparkling wine is not always just for celebrating an event or achievement. They are drinks to be enjoyed and sometimes we may just fancy one glass. But the fear of the bubbly stuff going flat is the main reason many people will not open a bottle for just one glass.

The bottle must be consumed in one sitting to avoid wasting any of it. This is okay if we are sharing a bottle, it is more likely that we would finish it. Nobody want to waste any of that lovely bubbly, but nobody wants it to go flat either.

By opening it slowly, resealing it straight away and keeping it cold, we can enjoy a bottle over several days. I hope this has helped you to preserve all your sparkling wines. Share your thoughts or any other prosecco tips you may have below.

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