Who Are Pool Of Life Brew Co

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I have been given three beers to try, all from the same brewery. A pale ale, a tropical pale ale and an IPA. All are in a plain can design of 330ml, so are they decent beers? And who are Pool Of Life Brew Co?

Probably a small micro brewery, on the cans there is a small stamp saying “Small Batch Brewed.” It should be easy to find out about this brewery.

Who Are Pool Of Life Brew Co?

Basically I have no idea who Pool Of Life Brew Co are. After a lot of research all I could find out is that these beers are brewed for TJM ltd, which is of course Home Bargains. There doesn’t seem to be any other information about this brewery that I can find.

So all I can do is try the beers and give them a rate my beer score.

Pool Of Life IPA

Who Are Pool Of Life Brew Co

This comes in a black can with a red label and weighs in at 4.9% Vol.

It pours a slightly hazy mid gold with a generous fluffy white head. This does fade a little, but leaves a decent lacing around the glass.

On the nose it is subtle with a slight hoppy citrus, but nothing else. The taste hits with a hoppy front and a little citrus kick. Not much to it really, however its not a bad tasting beer.

A Pretty standard beer without any fireworks, easy to drink and fairly pleasant. It gets a rate my beer score of 3.9 – 5.0. Surprisingly Lou gave it a higher score of 4.2 – 5.0 and described it as an easy drinking IPA.

Tropical Pale Ale

Pool Of Life Brew Co

This one comes in a black can with a blue label and a very sessionable 4.0% ABV.

It pours another mid brown with a slight haze just like the IPA. However the head is thin and soon fades to nothing.

On the nose it proves to be tropical, with notes of pineapple, mango and grapefruit. There is also a hint of orange peel.

The nose being pretty good, I expected the same for the taste. However it is a lot softer than I thought. There are hints of the fruits from the nose, but its very mild and not much bitterness. It tastes a bit like bubble gum.

It is brewed with Citra and El Dorado hops, which should give a lot more tropical citrus flavours. However it fell pretty short on flavour.

For a tropical pale ale it is too soft without much hoppy flavour, there is a slight bitter aftertaste. But it just lacks any oomph. It gets a rate my beer score of 3.3 – 5.0.

Lou thought it was fruity and sweet, a mellow beer which is nice, but nothing to get too excited about. Her score is 4.1 – 5.0.

Pool Of Life Pale Ale

Pool Of Life Brew Co

A flagship pale ale that comes in a black can with a gold label. Brewed with three hops, Citra, Chinook and Eureka should give it plenty of floral and citrus notes.

It pours a light gold with a subtle head that does fade to a thin cover. The nose gives tropical citrus fruits of pineapple, mango and pine, with a little spice too.

The taste has a slight hop citrus with notes of pineapple and mango. A slight pepper background leads to a mild bitter finish.

An easy drinking pale ale, however it lacks bite and is just a little too light for its 4.8% Vol. It gets a rate my beer score of 3.4 – 5.0.

Not a favourite with Lou, she describes it as soapy and floral to taste and gives it a lower 3.0 – 5.0.

Final Thoughts

The three beers then are alright, nothing to get too excited about. However they are easy drinking and okay. As for the brewery Pool Of Life Brew Co, it is hard to find out anything about them.

Perhaps the name is just for the beers brewed for Home Bargains by another brewery. There are other breweries that make beer for Home Bargains as well as the likes of Aldi and Lidl.

Looking at the cans, there are no details about the brewer. The only address on the cans is for TJM ltd, which is of course Home Bargains.

If anyone knows more about the brewery, then do share your thoughts below.

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