Home Bar Signs – Funny Or Formal

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Every bar needs a sign, all commercial bars have a sign with the name of the bar and sometimes a picture or image that relates to the name. There is no exception with your bar, just because it is in your own home does not mean it is not worthy of its very own signage.

There are many types of home bar signs to choose from, you can literally just have the word Bar, or you could go a little more extravagant and name your bar and add the date of when it was established.

A sign completes any bar, and the naming and design process should be fun.

The Basic Bar SignThe Basic Bar Sign

This is what it says, the absolute basic sign would be simply the word Bar, that is it, nothing more, just bar.

This could be an off the shelf sign, there are plenty to choose from, some made of tin, some made of wood and some made of plastic. You will find ones that light up too.

Although this is a simple sign, you can have your own custom design made up.

The Fun Factor

If you have a good sense of humor and you love a joke, then a funny bar sign might be the way to go. The funny part of the sign could be a picture or it could be the words on the sign, or of course both.

A quick search for funny bar signs and it turns up loads of results, here are a just few …

“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take”, and next to the words is a picture of a shot glass.

“Always drink responsibly, don’t spill it”. Obviously you should only take notice of the first part.

“No working during drinking hours”.

Again, these are off the shelf signs, but you can have a custom sign made with your own funny words or picture and include your bars name.

Keeping It Cool

Keeping It coolIt doesn’t matter what type you decide on because Let’s face it, any bar sign is a cool bar sign. So why have I included cool bar signs here?

The reason is simple, it is because there are just so many really cool designs, not just in the materials used, or the wording, but in all the different shapes and sizes that people have thought up in their own minds and shared with the world.

You can really let your imagination run wild and go mad with your bar sign design.

A simple bar sign is a cool one, but if you want something different and unique, then spend some time on coming up with your very own, very cool, bar sign.

Light It Up

You can have your name in lights.

Why not have a sign that lights up, these are great, not just visually, but they can indicate when your bar is open or shut. The light up sign will only be on when the bar is open, and you can even include the word “open” on your sign.

There are a number of light options too, from the standard led white lights, to different colored neon lights. If you really want to go to town, then you can even have flashing lights, although I think that may become annoying after a while, so I would hope you would have the option of stopping the flashing.

The Best Bar SignThe Best Bar Sign

The best bar sign in the world is the one that you like the best, the one that you saw on the shelf and bought, or the one that you designed yourself and are proud of, and so you should be.

A decent home bar sign does not have to cost you a fortune, like I said there are plenty of great signs you can buy off the shelf. Obviously it will cost you more for a custom design, and the more outrageous your design the more expensive it will be.

The main points to remember is that every bar needs a sign, and every bar sign should reflect your own personality, but most of all you should enjoy and have fun with your bar and its sign.

It’s all about you, so go check out what you can find off the shelf and if nothing suits you, then it may be a custom design that you need, just have fun with it, and let me know when it opens.

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