How Do Bars Clean Glasses?

As a proud owner of a home bar, you will have a decent glass collection, from beer glasses to cocktail glasses. I know you will be cleaning your glasses, but are you getting them really clean?

All the glasses in your home bar should be clean. When I say clean, I don’t mean rinsed out with soapy water and dried with a towel. You could be doing it all wrong, which could be affecting how your glasses perform. It begs the question.

How Do Bars Clean Glasses?

A simple 5 step process to get your glassware perfectly clean.

Empty contents, such as liquid, ice and garnishes. Clean vigorously in special glass cleaning detergent. Rinse thoroughly with cool water. Rinse again in sanitizer solution. Place upside down on a drainer and let air dry.

How To Wash Your Bar Glasses?

I know it sounds a bit complicated and you might think a bit over the top for a few home bar glasses. Although you may have given your glasses a good clean, they might not be beer clean. This doesn’t mean that you have skimped on the cleaning or not done it thoroughly.

There are some detergents that can leave a residue, some drinks can also leave a residue, and towels can leave odors, fibers and germs on a glass. The thing is that a dirty glass can spoil a drink, and although a glass may look clean, it could have a residue film on it, which will spoil the drink.

A professional bar will have several sinks dedicated to each part of the 5 step process, or a glass washing machine that will clean, sanitize and dry their glasses. This is a bit overkill for a home bar, and a little expensive too.

There are solutions though, and they do not have to break the bank.

Hand Washing Glasses

Hand Washing Glasses

It is relatively easy to set up your own glass washing system, either in the kitchen or at your home bar if it is a wet bar. If you have a double sink even better, but it’s possible with a single sink too.


A good detergent is the first thing you will need, Neutral Brewers Detergent is a good all round cleaner. It will not only clean brewing equipment, but glasses, dishes and work surfaces too. It has a blend of synthetic detergents, grease emulsifiers and water softeners ideal for keeping your bar glassware ultra clean.

To help with the cleaning of your glasses a good brush will be needed, and the Scotch Brite Glass Brush is the perfect partner to the Neutral Brewers detergent. It has a non-slip handle and will not scratch your glassware.


After cleaning, an extra step for ultra clean glasses is to sanitize, and the Steramine Sanitizer tablets are ideal for the perfect sanitizing rinse for all your glassware. They are a multipurpose sanitizer and used by the commercial restaurant and bar sector. You get 150 tablets per bottle and each tablet is mixed with a gallon of water.


Once you have your glasses shiny clean, you do not want to contaminate them, so don’t grab for a towel. Instead, let them drain and dry naturally. The ideal draining mat, like the large Attom Tech Roll Up Dish Rack will let your glasses dry quickly and effectively without undoing your cleaning process. Made with food safe stainless steel, easy to clean and store, it can be rolled or folded for easy storage.

Use the rack if you only have one sink. When your glasses have been cleaned in the detergent and rinsed, put them on the rack while you change the water and add the sanitizer.

This is a simple but effective way to really clean your home bar glassware, but if you want to get a little more technical and like your gadgets, then how about these brush systems for cleaning your glasses. These will replace the use of a hand brush, just to make things a little easier and more thorough.

Double Brush Glass Cleaner

Double Brush Glass Cleaner

This double brush glass cleaner has suction pads so you can set it on the inside of your sink. The round brush will clean the inside of the glass, while the straight brush will clean the outside of the glass. It will tackle all your glasses, from beer glasses to wine glasses. You can clean you cups and mugs, and even some bottles.

Made from durable PVC with flexible bristles, it not only cleans well, but is also easy to clean itself. A perfect economical glass cleaning solution that is easier than a hand brush.

3 Brush Glass Washer

3 Brush Glass Washer

Similar to the double brush product, this one has 3 brushes, which means you can clean 2 glasses at once. The glasses will be cleaned on the inside as well as the outside. Again the brush system comes with suction grip, so can be fixed into the sink and used in your detergent solution.

It has a sturdy PVC base with nylon bristle brushes, which can be removed and replaced easily. A super efficient glass cleaning system, that will save loads of time.

Electric Glass Washer

Electric Glass Washer

If you really want to get technical and wash your glasses like a professional, then this electric glass washer is the ultimate gadget for your home bar. It has 5 spinning brushes and can handle 4 glasses at once, and yes, it does go in the sink. This is a partially submersible glass cleaner and can install in any sink.

If you want electric power for cleaning all your bar glasses, then this is the kit. Powerful and professional, but will cost you a little more than the manual brush systems.

Final Thoughts

It is important to get your bar glasses properly clean, this will ensure the drinks you serve will perform at their best, especially when it comes to beer. If a beer glass is not cleaned properly, then the head will disappear and the taste compromised.

These cleaning agents and brush systems will make sure you get the best results when you are cleaning all your bar glassware, and it doesn’t have to be complicated and expensive. This is how bars clean their glasses, with the right detergent, a good sanitizer and with a good quality brush or brush cleaning system.

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