How Do You Drink Your Champagne?

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The traditional champagne glass of times gone by was the Coupe glass. It has a shallow bowl with a wide rim, almost like a saucer, which it is also known as. Is it the best champagne glass?

Then we have the flute, which is seen by many as the best champagne glass. It has a long slender bowl with a conical shape. The champagne flute is favored by most, but is it the best glass?

There is a new kid on the block, the tulip glass. The shape is borrowed from the normal wine glass. It is said to allow all the champagne characteristics and aromas to be enjoyed fully for a better champagne experience.

What Champagne Glass Is Best?

This will be down to personal choice, but it seems the traditional coupe is not the best way to enjoy champagne. The flute on the other hand is still a contender as the best vessel for the champagne connoisseur. However, the tulip wine glass is the new challenger for the best way to enjoy the popular sparkling liquid.

A Glass Of Bubbly

We all know that champagne is a certain type of sparkling wine. To be called champagne it has to come from the Champagne region in France. There are many other sparkling wines produced around the world, but they are not allowed to use the name champagne.

A glass of bubbly is a glass of bubbly whether it was born in the Champagne region or not. That may upset a few people, but lets not get hung up on it. Just because other sparkling wines cannot use the name champagne, does not mean they are not as good as champagne.

Whether it be champagne or any other sparkling wine, these glasses will serve them just the same. Maybe in different ways, but which one will come out on top?

Champagne Coupe

Champagne Coupe

This is the oldest and traditional glass for champagne. Although it may have been disregarded by the experts, it can still be seen in action today. It makes appearances at many a wedding and other celebrations as the go to glass.

The coupe was rumored to be modelled on Marie Antoinette’s left breast. This turned out to be a myth, but did happen later on when the model Kate Moss did exactly that. Kate’s left breast was used as a mold to create a champagne coupe.

The coupe is iconic for forming the champagne tower, again often seen at weddings and events. The wide rim and shallow bowl makes it ideal for building the tower.

It is the same that lets it down though when it comes to being a good glass to enjoy champagne. The shallow bowl with that wide rim will not contain the bubbles. Both the bubbles and aromas escape making this glass unsuitable for the full champagne experience.

It may not be the best glass to get the most out of sparkling wine, but it is a fun glass. It will still pop up at celebrations across the world, despite its downfalls. I reckon the towers will still make an appearance now and again too.

Champagne Flute

Champagne Flute

The coupe did not perform and along came the flute with its long slender bowl and a promise of a better experience. The flute could hold the bubbles and aromas with far more success than the coupe.

The flute has a long stem which perfectly evolves into the long bowl. The bowl starts from the stem moving outwards and then narrows at the top. The bottom of the inside of the bowl will have a small scratch, like a nucleated beer glass. This allows the bubbles to collect and then release, giving a constant flow rising to the top.

Although the flute can provide a constant bubble show, because of the narrow rim it may not be ideal. The thin opening does not give the best experience of those aromas.

The flute though, is known world over as the go to bubbly glass. Whenever there is a toast to be had, then the flute will be in hand. There is a new kid on the block, but only time will tell whether it can see off the mighty flute.

Champagne Tulip

Champagne Tulip

I don’t think it is yet to be recognized as a champagne tulip, but it could be on the cards. Essentially we are talking about a white wine glass, which is of course is a tulip shape. This shape obviously works for still wine, so you can understand why it might work for sparkling too.

The wider bowl and wider rim allows the aromas to be enjoyed on a different level to that of the narrow type. As we partly taste from our sense of smell, this makes sense that a better experience will be had.

There are many tulip shaped champagne glasses on the market, but they all seem to be to similar to the flute. Tall bowls that are still slim will not let the champagne develop anymore than the flute.

One sticks out though, Riedel, The Wine Glass Company have developed a range of champagne glasses. Designed for the bubbly stuff, but influenced by the wine glass. Are these the ultimate champagne glass?

Although they look like a white wine glass with a wider bowl and rim, there is a little difference. The base of the bowl has rough area which Riedel call the ‘sparkling point’ designed for maximum bubbles.

Could this style be the new ultimate champagne glass?

Final thoughts

The coupe may still be lingering, and will probably hold the title of the champagne tower master. While, the flute might just continue to keep the title of the go to champagne glass.

The new kid on the block championed by Riedel, may have a struggle to push to the front. I think though, it will stick around and gain popularity over time.

I can see the logic in the white wine glass shape and will be investing in a set. Share your thoughts on the style of glass you like to enjoy your bubbles from.

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