How Does A Double Bubble Shot Glass Work

It looks kind of weird, but also looks kind of fun too. Certainly worth having a set of these glasses for your home bar. Designed to be a shot glass with a built in chaser that looks like a bubble on top of a bubble. But how does a double bubble shot glass work.

Lets just say it’s magic. Don’t believe in magic, well there is some science involved. And you don’t actually need one of these glasses to achieve a shot on top of a chaser. However they are easy to use and look great.

How Does A Double Bubble Shot Glass Work?

The glass is designed with two chambers, those chambers look like bubbles. The top one being smaller than the bottom one. The chaser such as a soda fills the bottom chamber and the liquor like a bourbon fills the top chamber. The liquor is lighter than the soda so will sit on top. The two chambers won’t mix until you start to drink. You get the shot quickly followed by the chaser.

Pretty cool, and a great way to enjoy any number of shot chasers at the home bar with friends.

What Is A Quaffer Glass?

The Quaffer glass is the double bubble shot glass. Designed by Casey Moran (aka Jimmy Quaffer) over two decades ago.

Yea, it is nothing new and has been around for a long time. Initially the only company Casey could find to manufacture the glass was in Italy. Which obviously is not ideal when you are in America.

Eventually Casey did find a company in the US to make the glass. However after a time they decided to drop the glass because it is too difficult to make.

For eighteen months Corey was without a maker. And although there were offers from overseas he was determined to keep the manufacturing in the states.

Going back to the drawing board, the problem with the glass was the centre hole between the two bubbles. It was too small, so it is made slightly bigger.

This made the glass easier to use and easier to make, so manufacturing was back on. However there was still a problem. Eighteen months of no glass sales meant there was not enough funds to produce a run of glasses.

Having said all that Corey some how succeeded and the glasses are now back and readily available.

Is Quaffer The Original Double Bubble Shot Glass?

Although Casey Moran designed the Quaffer glass, it is not the original design. He didn’t invent the design and he didn’t invent the Sipper Jigger.

The sipper Jigger, also known as the Chaser Jigger is a Jack Daniels glass.

But who invented it?

There is a story that a travelling salesman known for telling some tall tales passing through Lynchburg, Tennessee, stumbled across Jack Daniel himself.

He bet Jack that he could make his Whiskey sit on top of water with the two liquids mixing. Jack took the bet and the salesman pulled a weird looking bubble glass from his bag.

The salesman performed the magic and Jack was so impressed he bought the glass.

Whether that is true or not, well I don’t know. However the original glass is a Jack Daniels glass and they look pretty similar. However the Jack Daniels glass is 3oz and the Quaffer is 3.5oz, so slightly bigger.

What Are The Best Combo Shots For A Quaffer Glass?

How Does A Double Bubble Shot Glass Work

You can literally combine any two drinks whether it be a juice with liquor or two different alcohol combo’s. A liquor will almost always be lighter than most mixers. However if you are going to mix two alcohols, then keep in mind which one is lighter.

The lower the specific gravity of a liquor the lighter it will be. So always add the lighter one on top of the heavier one and it will float.

Here is a handy specific gravity chart for layering cocktails at Super Cocktails.

Suggested Shot Combo’s

Like I said, there are almost limitless combinations for two drinks to serve in the double bubble shot glass. So here are a few to think about and serve at your next home bar gathering with friends.

  • Vodka & Orange Juice
  • Vodka & Red Bull
  • Rum & Coke
  • Rum & Ginger Ale
  • Whiskey & Coke
  • Whiskey & Soda
  • Tequila & Orange Juice
  • Tequila & Grapefruit
  • Porter & Champagne
  • Jagermeister & Red Bull
  • Southern Comfort & Beer
  • Bacardi & Coke

The list can go on and on, any two drinks can be a worthy combo for the quaffer glass.

Having Said that to get the best visual results it is best to use two drinks with contrasting colours. Two drinks with a similar colour like coke and dark rum will not give the best visual results.

Also two drinks with the same or close specific gravity may not work to well either. The heavier the bottom drink and the lighter the top drink the better.

Final Thoughts

The Quaffer glass then is a great glass for mixing a shot and a chaser together. It doesn’t matter what two drinks you match as long as you keep in mind what I have already mentioned.

A set of these glasses as part of your home bar inventory will always be a hit. They make a great talking point and as well as looking good are a lot of fun too.

Sharing different shot chaser combo’s with family and friends will always go down well. Having said that, its best not to make too many in one sitting. Liquor can be pretty strong so always drink responsibly.

I am in the planning process of building a new home bar, actually a pub shed. Once it is up and running I plan to get a set of the double bubble shot glasses. When I do I will show them in action.

What do you think of the Quaffer glass? Share your thoughts below on whether you think they are a worthy home bar glass to have.

Or is it just as much fun to float a shot on top of a chaser in any glass?

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