10 Top Tips And Advice For Home Bar Safety

Having a home bar is a great thing, whether it be in an existing room, basement, extension, garage or separate outbuilding. Our prime reason for installing one is to entertain and enjoy time with family and friends. At the same time we need to consider their welfare, so here are some tips for home bar safety.

Just as it is a bar owners responsibility to protect and keep his staff and customers safe. Is is also a home bar owners responsibility to keep his guests safe too. Which is why we need to think about safety in the home bar.

Tips For Home Bar Safety

Here are a few things to consider about keeping your home bar safe for your guests. Make sure you have the right safety equipment to deal with hazards such as fire and personal injury. Keep dangerous things out of the reach of children. Keep floor areas and the bar area free from debris and trip hazards. Think about electrical items and how safe they are.

I have compiled a list of ten things to think about to keep yourself and your guests safe at your home bar.

Home Bar Safety

A home bar is a place to have fun, and no one wants to spoil that fun by going on about safety. However the fun can stop abruptly and things can go wrong quickly if we ignore certain safeguards.

So it makes sense to be aware and put a few things in place to keep our home bars safe for everyone to enjoy.

Although a lot of the things I mention in the list may seem obvious, and they are, they can also be easily overlooked.

Time to put your safety head on and make sure your home bar is a safe environment.

Fire Extinguisher

Tips For Home Bar Safety

I know it is an obvious one, but like I said it can be easily overlooked. It is important to have a fire extinguisher in your home bar.

It is just as important to get the right one too. There are different extinguishers for different types of fires. There are six main types of fire extinguishers and they are set in classes.

  • Water, Class A: This is for solid combustibles such as wood, paper and textiles.
  • Water Mist, Class B: This is for flammable liquids such as petrol.
  • Flammable Gases, Class C: This is for gases such as methane and propane.
  • Flammable Metals, Class D: Metals such as magnesium and lithium.
  • Electrical: such as Tv’s computers or heaters
  • Cooking Oil, Class F: Such as fryers and pans.

It is important to get the right extinguisher for your needs. So check all the materials and goods you have in your bar.

Check out Safelincs for a more in depth look at the different types of Fire Extinguishers.

First Aid Kits

Again another obvious safety feature for any home bar. However it is all well having a first aid kit, but it needs to have a good selection of items within it.

Also if you have to use any of the items, remember to replace them straight away. You don’t want to open your first aid kit to find you haven’t got what you need.

There are a variety of sizes and different types of first aid kits available. Some are small kits in pouches or bags, others are cabinets that can be fixed to the wall.

One very important thing to remember is to always make sure your first aid kit is locked away and out of the reach of children.

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A Tidy Bar

Don’t let your home bar become a dumping ground or storage area. Its easy to let an area become cluttered with bits and pieces.

Especially keep the floor area or any walkways clear of items that can become trip hazards. This includes any cables too, make sure they are routed properly and not laid across the floor.

The same goes for the area behind the bar, keep it tidy a clutter free. Make sure any bar ware has a home, the floor is not a suitable home.

Drinks Storage

Tips For Home Bar Safety

Obviously any home bar is going to have an array of alcohol in it, unless of course it is an alcohol free bar. Make sure all alcohol is stored properly and out of the reach of children and pets.

Don’t store liquor bottles on low shelves, make sure they are high up. Think about making sure your fridge has a lock or at least a child safe catch.

This leads on to children and the home bar.

Children And The Home Bar

Kids are part of the family and they want to be part of the fun. However a home bar can be an unsafe environment if we are careless.

Kids are inquisitive and like to explore, so never leave them unattended in a home bar. Things can go wrong very quickly. This is why it is important to store alcohol properly.

Also there are other hazards for kids too. Heaters, glasses left on tables, alcohol left out, easy accessible items like darts if you have a dart board.

Kids can move quick and use stools or chairs to climb, nowhere is safe if they are left alone. So never leave children unattended in your home bar.

Breaks And Spills

It is inevitable that you will have the odd breakage or spillage in the bar. The number one thing to do is to deal with them immediately.

Leaving broken glass is a risk to anyone in the bar, so clean it up safely, but straight away.

The same goes for spills, especially on the floor. That floor will be slippery when wet, so mop it up straight away. Slipping on liquid left on the floor can cause serious damage to an individual.

If it breaks or spills, then sort it immediately.


Heaters are a major hazard in the home bar, some more so than others, but they all pose a risk. Whatever type of heater you have in your bar, make sure it is situated in the right place.

It is not advisable to place a heater close to soft furnishings or where anyone might brush up against it. Think about putting a guard around your heat source to protect people, especially kids.

If it is an electric heater, then think about the cable too. Make sure it is not a trip hazard. Plus, never leave a heater unattended, and remember to turn it off when you shut your home bar.

Heat your home bar safely.

Electrics And Electricals

The first thing to mention is never wire your own home bar electrics, (unless you are a qualified electrician) always get a professional.

The same goes for adding to your electrics. If you need another socket outlet, then again get a professional. Likewise, don’t have an array or extension leads running all over the place. You can quite easily overload the system.

Make sure all electrical items are switched off before you leave the bar. Apart from the fridge, or any other equipment that has to stay on.

Respect electrics and electricals.


Tips For Home Bar Safety

A clean bar is a happy bar. Keep your glass ware clean and stored correctly. Your guests won’t thankyou for serving them a drink in a dirty glass.

The same goes for the bar area and bar top, a sticky bar top is not very inviting.

Beer taps and beer lines need to be cleaned regularly, you don’t want to give your guests and infection.

Also the seating area and floors should be cleaned regularly. A dirty seat is not inviting and a dirty sticky floor will put your guests off.

Keep your bar clean and tidy, it creates a safe and enjoyable environment.

Alcohol Consumption

Last but not least, without being a party pooper, we do have to think about alcohol consumption. It is easy to get carried away and drink too much, this impairs judgement as well as also body stability.

You don’t want yourself or a guest falling over and getting an injury. Know your own limits and keep an eye on how much your guests are drinking too.

Never encourage a guest to have another drink if they have had enough and don’t want another. Too much alcohol can turn fun into a disaster.

Keep it tidy and enjoy.

Final Thoughts

There are probably other safety tips I have missed out, but I think I have covered the basics. So at the very least make sure you cover those listed.

You can make this list into your own checklist and keep it in your home bar, perhaps on a wall behind the bar. Check through it regularly and check that everything is in order in your home bar.

Knowing your bar is as safe as it can be will give you peace of mind. Then all you have left to do is have fun.

If you can think of any other safety tips for a home bar. Then do share your thoughts below and I can add them to the list.

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