What Makes Christmas Beer So Special

Christmas Beer is not just for fun, there is a real tradition behind it. So while you stock up your home bar or pub shed with a few festive beers think about its origin. There is a history behind Christmas beer and why it is so special.

Christmas Beer, often referred to as Yule Beer or Holiday Beer, has a rich history intertwined with the festive traditions of the holiday season.

The tradition of Christmas beer dates back centuries. Coming out of ancient pagan festivities and evolving through medieval brewing practices. This seasonal brew with its added spices of cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves was aimed at offering warmth and unique flavours to celebrate the winter solstice and the long cold months ahead.

Today, breweries worldwide continue the tradition, brewing limited edition festive beers that evoke nostalgia and a sense of celebration during the holiday season.

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Origins Of Ancient Times

The roots of Christmas beer dates back to ancient pagan celebrations in Northern Europe. These early festivities like the Norse celebration of Yule involved special brews made to mark the winter solstice Celebrations.

Ancient pagan celebrations included drinking of these special beers, as well as singing, feasting, and sacrifices for the gods.

Yule, a Viking Christmas

These special beers are probably the earliest versions of what we now know as Christmas Beer.

Medieval Europe

Christmas Beer In Medieval Europe

In Medieval Europe, beer was a staple drink and a fundamental part of daily life. Monasteries were known for their brewing expertise and monks would brew beer year round.

These monks would brew special batches of beer during the Christmas period as part of their celebrations and a way to mark the festive season.

What Makes Christmas Beer Different?

Christmas beer differs from regular beer because of some added ingredients designed to give it a warming feeling.

Much like mulled wine, Christmas beer has the addition of spices and herbs like cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves. As well as sometimes fruit like orange peel.

These ingredients added to create flavour, the flavours we now associate with Christmas. However i it was also for their perceived medicinal properties and the ability to warm the body during the cold winter months.

Regional Christmas Beer

Different regions developed their own traditions and styles of Christmas beer.

In Scandinavia there’s a tradition of brewing strong spiced ales known as Juleøl. In Germany, Weihnachtsbier often includes maltier and darker varieties.

Belgium has its own array of Christmas ales, often brewer with spices and higher alcohol content. These can be aged to be consumed during the holiday season.

Commercialisation Of Christmas Beer

As time moved on the inevitable happened and Xmas beer became commercialised.

Christmas beer expanded beyond monasteries and commercial breweries began crafting their own Festive Beer to cater for growing demand.

These beers are often limited editions and released only during the holiday season.

Modern Christmas Beers

Today, with the copious amount of craft breweries, Xmas beers are not going anywhere. In fact craft breweries worldwide have embraced the tradition of brewing a festive beer.

They experiment with various weird and wonderful ingredients to create unique flavour profiles, as well as aging processes.

Some breweries produce annual, highly sought after festive beer releases. This creates excitement and collectability around theses seasonal brews.

Christmas Beer

Seeing as we are talking about Christmas beer, here is a list of some to try out if you can find them.

There are way too many for me to list all of them, but these are a good start to get you in the festive mood.

  • Christmas Ale by Goose Island Beer Co.
  • Winter Ale by Brooklyn Brewery
  • Gingerbread Stout by Hardywood Park Craft Brewery
  • Mad Elf Ale by Troegs Independent Brewing
  • Fistmas by Revolution Brewing
  • Celebration Ale by Sierra Nevada Brewing
  • Winter Cheers by Victory Brewing
  • Santa’s Little Helper by Mikkeller
  • Christmas Ale By Shepherd Neame
  • Black Christmas by Weird Beard Brew Co.
  • Christmas Bomb by Prairie Artisan Ales
  • Rocking Rudolph by Greene King
  • Advent Premium Ale With Port by Black Tor Brewery


Christmas beers have evolved over centuries, drawing for ancient traditions. But now adapting to our changing tastes and the modern brewing techniques.

They have become part and parcel of the holiday season, evoking nostalgia and celebration. They are often enjoyed as a special treat, bringing warmth and cheer to the cold festive season.

That’s what makes Christmas beer so special.

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