Will Stacking Glasses Damage Them

Whether we stack glasses to carry them from one place to another, or when storing them. Is it the right thing to do? In my opinion it is a no no, but will stacking glasses damage them?

Any kind of home bar, small or large will need plenty of glassware. How we care for those glasses is important, from handling and cleaning to storage. If space is tight then there is a temptation to stack them, but is this okay?

Will Stacking Glasses Damage Them?

When glasses are stacked the glass surfaces rub together which can cause scratches. Also the constant impact can weaken the glass and cause cracking. Over time these scratches become more visible and unsightly. Regular impact will eventually weaken the glass to the point of breakage. Stacking can also cause a vacuum which makes it hard to then separate the stacked glasses. This can also cause breakages, so stacking glasses can damage them.

Protect your home bar glassware, don’t stack it.

Stacking Glasses Will Damage Them?

Will Stacking Glasses Damage Them

When I see a member of staff in a bar walking along with several towers of glasses stacked together it makes me cringe. On a few occasions I have seen the lot go, much to the amusement of the punters who taunt and jeer the poor member of staff.

However is there any real proof that stacking glasses will damage them?

Probably, but it is hard to find and most of the information out there is opinion based.

Having said that, it stands to reason that two surfaces rubbing together will cause scratching to both of them. Even if this is not visible to the eye, but over time it will become visible. I don’t want to serve a drink to a guest in a scratched glass.

There also has to be a certain amount of impact damage too, even if we gentle stack the glasses. This will weaken the glass over time.

I have experienced and seen others trying to separate two glasses stacked together. I have also seen the break in the process.

This does only seem to happen if the glasses are identical in shape though.

For me storing glasses is a no no, so what is the solution.

Organising Bar Glasses

Investing in the different types of glasses for a home bar can be expensive. So it makes sense to care for that glassware.

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Organising bar glasses will give them the best chance for a long life, and keep them looking their best.

All straight type glasses like highballs for long drinks, lowballs for short drinks and straight beer glasses are best on shelves. These are best placed rim down (another subject for debate) on a honeycomb mating for air circulation.

All stemware glasses are best hanging from a stemware rack. These can be fixed under the top of the bar or on a wall. Buy manufactured racks or make your own.

Not all home bars are wet bars, so haven’t got a sink for washing glasses. This means transporting glasses to the kitchen or utility room. This is where breakages can happen trying to carry to many glasses together, stacking being one method.

The easiest and safest way to carry a selection of glasses is to use a glass rack. These are the blue trays you see bars using. They are ideal for transporting glasses without damaging them.

These solution do mean a little more investment, but they are worth it. Properly stored and transported glasses will keep them from damage. Less damage and breakages means less spent on replacing glasses.

The Glass Solution

If you love stacking glasses, but do get damage from time to time. There is another solution and it is stackable glasses.

These are glasses that are shaped to be stacked. A stackable glass has a ridge or kickout above half way up the glass wall.

The ridge or kickout stop the glass from creating a vacuum. It stop the the glass walls from coming into contact. The only contact is at the point of the ridge.

The only problem is that they all look pretty much the same and they are not a design to my liking. However some may love the design, so if you do then this is the perfect solution.

Final Thoughts

Just like the debate about storing glasses rim down or rim up. Stacking glasses is a personal choice and the reasons for and against are opinion based on the whole.

It is understandable that glasses do get stacked when space is tight. However it still grates on me and I want no part of it. I also prefer rim down too.

Do you stack glasses?

If you do stack glasses and have some positive reasons why it is okay to stack. Then do share your thoughts below. Or may be you have some great glass storage solution, it would be great to hear them.

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