Automatic Cocktail Machine – Nifty Or Naughty

The modern world is a fast paced world, some things are out-of-date before you even get to enjoy them. New inventions are thick and fast, and we sometimes end up with things we didn’t even know that we needed. Say hello to the automatic cocktail machine.

They did it with tea back in the thirties and with coffee even earlier, soda got its own machine in the fifties and now they have gone and done it with cocktails.

I wonder if this is a good thing, with everything on demand these days, we now have cocktails on demand. Are we just getting lazy or is this just good old fashion progress.

Cocktail Bar ToolsCocktail Bar Tools

Having tools to assist in getting the job done is a good thing, the right tool for the right job works well, but is this a step too far. A machine that makes cocktails sounds like madness, but I guess if it works, it works.

What about the cool tools we know and love that have served us well for many years, the shaker, the muddler and the jigger to name just a few. Is it time to throw these classic tools out, does their fate lie in the trash can to make way for progress.

Okay, I know I am dramatizing this a little too much, it is just another machine to make our lives easier, and we don’t have to throw out those old tools, and we don’t have to get this machine.

Maybe I should just take a look at it and keep an open mind.

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Bartesian Cocktail Machine

Bartesian Cocktail MachineIt does look a cool piece of kit and would fit in comfortably in any home bar set up and it produces premium cocktails on demand, it just oozes charm.

This nifty little machine comes with 5 glass bottles that hold the spirits of your choice, like whiskey, vodka or gin. These bottles then slot into the machine and when your cocktail is being mixed the spirits are drawn from the appropriate bottles.

Just like coffee capsules, this machine takes capsules that are made from fresh ingredients and crafted by mixologists. If you fancy a cosmopolitan, then just pop in a cosmopolitan capsule, choose the spirit strength (mocktail, light, regular or strong) and press the mix button. In a matter of seconds your favorite cocktail has been mixed and is ready for you to enjoy.

After each cocktail has been mixed there is an automatic cleaning cycle to keep the machine fresh and your cocktails tasting their best.

In a nutshell this machine does it all for you.

Bartesian Cocktail Machine

Home Bar Gadgets

It is really hard to figure what is not to like, but is this just another gadget that will end up collecting dust, or will the novelty just wear off in time.

Personally I think it is here to stay, the coffee machines have improved over the years and remain very popular and I think this machine has too many advantages for it to fade away.

The Pro’s

  • No ingredients to store
  • Takes up less space
  • No Measuring
  • No Pouring
  • Less cleaning up
  • It’s neat and tidy

To make all the cocktails that you can buy in capsule form would mean having and storing a lot of ingredients, some of which would not keep that long. The biggest advantage with this cocktail machine then, is that you have no need to have all these ingredients.

The cocktail maker and capsules will take up less room than all the ingredients you would need to make all these cocktails. There is no measuring, pouring and nothing to wash up at the end, except of course the glasses you use.

It is just a neat and tidy machine that has the potential to impress any of your guests, and it will certainly be a talking point that’s for sure.

The con’s

  • Takes the excitement away
  • you won’t learn anything
  • stops you exploring new recipes

It does kind of take the buzz away from the whole process of mixing cocktails, and if we are not mixing we are not learning or exploring new cocktail recipes. Not really huge negatives, but I had to think of something.

Premium Machine, Premium PriceCocktail Mixer Capsules

If you decide to invest in the Bartesian Cocktail Machine it is going to hit your pocket for a few hundred dollars, so is not a cheap cocktail fix. Then there is the expense of the capsules which workout a little over a couple of dollars per drink at the present time.

It sounds expensive, but is it really? Buying all the ingredients to make all the cocktails on offer would also be expensive, and there is bound to be some waste too. Coupled with the convenience of this machine it begins to become an appealing accessory for the home bar.

Bartesian Cocktail Mixer Capsules

Home Bar Accessories

As far as home bar accessories go this is not an essential bit of kit, but it does make a lot of sense and seeing as it now exists why not get one for your bar.

Those of you that are passionate about mixing cocktails may just dismiss this machine, and why wouldn’t you. For those that like a cocktail but don’t want to go to all that trouble of mixing them may think this machine is a must have, and I would have to agree.

I think it has a place for both ends of the scale and everywhere in between, even if you love to make cocktails it can still earn a position in your home bar, think of it as your cocktail assistant, there to help you out, you can even name it if you want.

Which ever side of the fence you are on with this cocktail maker, I feel it is going to be popular and is here to stay.

If you decide to invest in one, first of all enjoy it, secondly let us know your views about it and whether it has turned out be a great investment. Pop your views and comments below, and of course any questions you might have too.

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