Home Bar Nibbles – Little Bites

When we go to a bar for a drink with family or friends we often end up munching on some tasty snacks too. It is an important part of the bar experience and is not to be overlooked. We should include some home bar nibbles when we are entertaining in our own bar.

We have a huge variety in the simple packet or tub snacks or we can go that extra mile and prepare some pub favorites like nachos or wings, it all adds to the whole bar experience.

Candy Bar CandyCandy Bar Candy

There are many people who prefer savory to sweet, me being one of them, but there are plenty that have a sweet tooth and just love some candy, so it may have a place in your home bar.

For that snack feeling a bowl or two of skittles or M&Ms; will always go down well, or for a complete candy bar we have the trusted old snickers or peanut butter cups two favorites, but as we all know the choice is almost endless.

A bowl of candy bar mini’s is a good bet, who doesn’t love a candy bar bite, they hit the spot without over indulging.

Super Savory Snacks

This type of snack is right up my street and in my opinion goes better with beer than sweet candy, but that’s just me. We don’t have to just leave it at savory, we can heat it up with some spice too. Get the mouth tingling with heat and then put out the fire with your ice-cold beer, sounds like heaven.

Potato chips, peanuts and pretzels are all firm favorites and go well with any drink, but with a huge variety of mixed tubs it’s worth exploring beyond these classics.

I found a great Pub Mix jar at UTZ Snacks containing honey mustard twists, cheese twists, nacho bagel chips, pretzel stix and oriental rice crackers, sounds awesome.

For something hot, I found the scorching Southern heat Mix at nuts.com which has peanuts, pepitas, sesame sticks, toasted corn kernels and Cajun corn sticks, they are spicy, crunchy and hot.

Super Savory definitely has a place at any bar.

Homemade Bar Snack

Homemade Bar SnackFor those that love to spend time in the kitchen knocking up your favorite meals, what better than to prepare some tasty bar snacks for your visitors to enjoy.

Hot dogs, burgers, chicken wings and pizza slices all hit the classic snack list to serve in your home bar. For something lighter you can prepare some tasty dips to go with crackers like Guacamole or a nice pimento cheese dip, they go so well and are great picking food at any get together.

Snacks that you have prepared yourself will always be appreciated in your home bar.

Let In The Machines

By this I mean vending machines, it’s an option, if you have the room and would rather fill a machine with bar snacks and let your guests help themselves then why not. It has a fun factor about it, as long as they don’t have to feed it with coins to get their spoils, tell me you were not thinking of charging them.

You can put so many types of food and drink in vending machines that you have a lot of scope when it comes to bar snacks, and they don’t have to be huge units that take up a lot of space.

There are some really great compact machines, some that will even fit on the bar or a table-top, plus for the kids you can get a gumball and candy machine which they will love.

Will a vending machine fit your bar?

For The Love Of SnacksFor The Love Of Snacks

My belly is rumbling after all this talk of snacks, I may have to go and seek some out.

Snacks are a wonderful thing and we all love them, whether it be sweet or savory there is something for everyone. We eat them between meals, watching sport and of course at the bar, so they have to have a part in your home bar too.

Keep it simple with packet or tub snacks or go the whole nine yards and create your own delicious offerings for your guests, either way they will thank you for it.

As an after thought, which is shouldn’t be I know, but there is the healthy snack option such as chopped fruit, vegetables like carrot sticks or celery, and of course healthy bars like Granola bars. Just thought I better add that in, even though it was an after thought.

Whatever type you like enjoy your bar snacks.

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