Is The Chill O Matic Worth It

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We all like our soda or beer to be cold, no one likes a warm one. A simple trip to the refrigerator and a cool can is in hand. However, what if we forget to stock the refrigerator with our favorite cans? Or there simply isn’t room for any cans? Then help is at hand with the nifty Chill-O-Matic instant beverage cooler. But is the Chill-O-Matic worth it?

A refrigerator can take up to several hours to get your can to the desired temperature. A freezer can achieve this much quicker as can a bowl of ice and cold water. This won’t satisfy your present thirst, so the thought of being able to cool your can quickly is an appealing one.

Is The Chill-O-Matic Worth It?

The idea sounds good, but in reality it is not as practical as it sounds. If you have no chilled cans, then it will do the job. However you still need ice for this to work, as well as a supply of batteries. It does have novelty value, but that will soon wear off. Better to be organized and have a good selection of your favorite drinks in the refrigerator.

It is not something I would want to mess around with every time I wanted a cold drink.

What Is A Chill-O-Matic?

Is A Chill O Matic Worth It

It is a small beverage cooler, that will take a room temperature can of soda or beer to ice cold in around a minute. This does sound impressive and a worthy bit of kit to invest in, surely it would be great for a home bar. At around 8 inches (20cm) long it will take up a lot less room than a beer cooler in any bar.

The small unit comprises of the main body that holds the can, and a small motor housing that spins the can. A small suction pad is attached to the bottom of the can and the other end slots into the motor unit. Slide the motor over one end of the main housing and the can inside.

Now add some ice, shut the lid and switch the motor on. The can will begin to spin and this will cool your can fast. Just 60 to 90 seconds will get your drink ice cold, which is a lot quicker than a refrigerator. In fact it supposedly chills a can 240 times quicker than a refrigerator.

After all that spinning you might think your soda or beer will fizz or foam when opened, but it doesn’t. The spinning creates convection, this forces warm liquid against the can walls which are cold from the ice. The heat conducts through the can wall and is absorbed by this ice. All resulting in an ice cold drink.

It is designed to take 12oz (350ml) cans and runs on 2 AA batteries, there is no power cord. This makes it ideal for use outside of the home, a portable drinks chiller.

It sounds like a great little gadget, but does it work?

Does It Work?

It does of course work, the science is real, but it is not without its little problems. The thought of having a machine that chills your drinks in a minute is a big buying point. Simple and convenient, this has to a must have gadget. It will be for some, but not for everyone.

First, you need a constant supply of ice. Every time you load a can into this machine, you also need to add ice. Which is okay if you have an ice maker, or a good supply of ice molds.

Second, you will need to keep an eye on your battery supply, without batteries you can’t chill your drinks. Rechargeable batteries are obviously an option, but they take time to recharge when flat.

Third, this is a machine with an electric motor, so it won’t be silent. Whilst it may not be loud, it will still generate some noise.

Finally, you will need somewhere to empty the machine. All that spinning melts the ice, so a nearby sink or drain is needed to empty it.

Although these may not be enough of a reason not to buy a Chill-O-Matic for some people, for me I just don’t see the point. It is just as easy to run out of ice or batteries as it is to forget to stock your refrigerator with a soda or beer.

Also it is limited to a 12oz (350ml) can, not all soda’s or beers come in a can, or this size can for that matter. For me it is a gadget that would be short lived and end up in the back of a cupboard collecting dust.

Cooper Cooler Drinks Chiller

Is A Chill O Matic Worth It

An alternative to the Chill-O-Matic is the Cooper Cooler Drinks Chiller. The same concept as the other machine, just with extra functionality. Being about double the size it can accommodate more than just 12 oz (350ml) cans.

The Cooper Cooler will also chill bottles, so if your beer is bottled, then no problem. Longer wine bottles can also be chilled by removing the lid. It chills cans in one minute and wine bottles in six minutes. A handy touch pad has preset times and stops automatically. Plus there is a extra chill setting for a colder drink and an ice indicator.

Although this drinks chiller has more functionality, it still holds the same problems as the Chill-O-Matic.

Is A Chill-O-Matic Worth It?

For the reasons I have already explained, I don’t think this type of drinks chiller is worth it. They do what you want them to do, and will get you out of a fix. Especially if unexpected guests turn up and there are no cold drinks in the house.

Although it might sound quick and simple, for me it will soon become a chore. I would much rather make sure I keep on top of the drink stock in my refrigerator. There is nothing easier than opening a door and grabbing a cold one.

Even if space is tight in the refrigerator, It is a better investment to get a dedicated one for drinks. A small drinks cooler for me is a better option. No fuss, no mess, just cold drinks ready to enjoy.

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