Should I Rinse My Glass Before Pouring A Beer

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Most bars and pubs I have ever been into just grab a glass from the shelf and pour the beer. Occasionally I have been into a bar that rinses the glass with water before pouring any beer. So should I rinse my glass before pouring a beer?

Is it a necessary step for the perfect pint of beer at home? Or is it just a gimmick that some bars use for effect? I decided to find out, and try it myself at home.

Should I Rinse My Glass Before Pouring A Beer?

Whenever you go to pour a beer at home, rinse the glass with clean cold water. This will make sure any residue from detergents are washed away. Free the glass of any dirt or dust. Bring down the temperature of the glass ready to receive the beer. Finally creating a neutral and smooth surface, a wet surface means less friction and a smoother pour.

So it is best practise to rinse a glass before pouring beer into it. This gives the beer the best environment to shine.

What If My Glass Is Already Clean?

Should I Rinse My Glass Before Pouring A Beer

Although your glass may already be clean, and of course it should be. It is possible that while stored it could pick up a few dust particles and other air pollutants.

Or there could be fluff and residue left behind by the drying process. There are a number of things that can cling to the inside of the glass while being stored.

By giving your glass a rinse out with water just before pouring your beer will reduce all of these things. Giving you the best beer experience possible.

Find out how to get your glass really beer clean.

Even with your glass in tip top condition and beer clean the rinse before pour will benefit.

  • Any residue from cleaning products or oils will be reduced significantly after a quick rinse.
  • Dirt and dust particles will be washed away leaving a clean smooth surface.
  • Cold water will bring down the glass temperature slightly.
  • The wet surface on the inside or the glass means less friction, resulting in a smoother pour.

It will eliminate those bubbles that might stick to the side of the glass. Those bubbles do what they are supposed to do, rise to the top and form the perfect head. A protective cover over the beer full of the aromas intended by the brewery.

Will Rinsing My Glass Water My Beer Down?

On a microscopic level maybe yes it will water the beer down. However not enough to have any real affect or significance in the drinking experience.

The advantages far out weigh any problems with watering down the beer.

Many breweries with taprooms rinse their glasses before they serve a beer to the customer. They only do this because they know it enhances their beer.

I am pretty sure they wouldn’t do it if it affected their beer in a negative way.

How Bars Rinse Their Glassware

Although not all bars rinse their glassware before pouring a beer. Maybe those that do could be seen as going that extra mile for their customers.

A bar that rinses the glass first is not just giving the beer its best chance, but also giving the customer the best beer experience possible.

How Do Bars Rinse Their Beer Glasses?

This is not to be confused with the glass cleaning process. Bars will have a thorough cleaning process for all their glassware.

This is the process of rinsing a beer glass before pouring the beer.

A simple glass rinse unit is installed close to the beer taps and often alongside the drip trays. It almost looks like a small drain. But has a spring loaded six arm wheel with a jet in the middle.

A glass is placed upside down on the wheel and pressed down. This opens the jet and a high pressure stream of water fills the glass. Once released the glass drains of water and it is ready to receive the beer.

Simple, but effective.

How Do I Rinse My Glass At Home?

While a professional bar may have a glass rinsing unit installed as part of the bat set up. We will not have that luxury at home.

To rinse a glass at home is just as simple. A quick rinse under a cold tap is all it takes. Make sure the water hits the whole of the inside of the glass.

Then turn the glass upside down to drain any access water, and you are good to pour your beer.

Can I Install A Glass Rinse Unit At Home?

Although I said we won’t have the luxury of a glass rinser at home. It is possible to install one, and it is not as difficult as we might think.

A simple unit can be installed on the edge of a sink with the water draining into the sink. Ideal for rinsing all your glassware.

The video shows how easy one of these units is to install on a sink unit. An ideal addition to a home bar or pub shed.

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I thought to install a glass rinse unit at home would be a lot more complicated. However the way this Glass Rinse Unit is designed is simple to fit and use.

It is going on my list of must haves.

Final Thoughts

Rinsing a glass before you pour a beer then does have its advantages. It makes sure your already clean glass is in tip top condition to receive the beer.

Making for a smoother pour without any friction. No bubbles clinging to the side of the glass, and a great head creation to release all those aromas.

On top of that, we have found out that it is easy to get a glass rinse unit installed in our kitchen sink, home bar or pub shed.

The only problem is to remember to rinse your glass before you pour your beer. I only remember to rinse probably once every three pours, however I am sure the habit will form eventually.

Rinsing does make a difference.

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