What Is A Beer Tube

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A beer tube can be found in pubs, bars or restaurants, but can also be a great device to have at a home bar. An easy way to serve drinks to guests when having a party or get together with family and friends. Okay but what is a beer tube?

When a draught beer system is out of reach for your home bar, then a beer tube is ideal to get that beer tap experience.

What Is A Beer Tube?

A beer tube is a beer dispensing system that can hold up to 3L or around 100oz of drink. They are also referred to as beer towers, table top beer dispensers or portable beer taps. Although they are called beer tubes, they can also dispense other drinks too. Soft drinks and cocktails are also a great use for a beer tube. An ideal home bar accessory to serve drinks quickly and easily.

A great alternative to a draught beer system without any hassle. Easy to set up and easy to clean too.

How Do Beer Tubes Work?

A beer tube or tower consists of a base unit that sits on a table or bar top. The base unit holds a long glass tube. At the base of the tube is a tap/faucet for easily dispensing the drink. A secure lid fits on top of the long tube.

There are a couple of additions to some beer tubes. The first one has two versions and it is to keep the beer cold. An ice chamber or stick can be added to keep the beer cooler for longer. A ice chamber is a tube that is filled with ice that is then added to the beer tube. An ice stick is a liquid filled stick that can be frozen and then added to the beer tube.

The second addition to some beer tubes is an internal led light. This can light the tube with different colors without warming the beer. A great way to create an extra bit of theatre to your entertaining.

Why Have A Beer Tube?

Beer tubes or towers are used commercially in bars and restaurants. They are an ideal way for people to share a few beers at their table without ordering individual drinks.

There are several sizes to beer tubes, but the most popular is the 3L (101oz), this amounts to around just over 5 pints.

Think of them as a move up from a pitcher of beer, and more fun too.

However they are also a perfect bit of beer kit to have at home. Ideal for a home bar and because they are portable can be used outside too.

Obviously it is great to have a draught beer system at the home bar. A real beer tower on the bar connected to a keg of beer. That is a real draught beer experience. Just as a purpose built kegerator or a mini keg dispenser.

However it is not always feasible to have a draught system in the home bar. So a beer tube is a great way to get the bar tap feel. Plus they are portable too, so can be used outside at a barbecue or even on a picnic.

A Beer Tube Is Not Just For Beer

Although they might be commonly known for dispensing beer, these tubes or towers can be used for many drinks.

Instead of mixing individual cocktails, make enough to fill a beer tube. A quick easy way to serve cocktails to your guests. There are so many cocktails to make for a beer tube, just scale the contents up.

A great way to serve soft drinks at a kids party like lemonade or juice.

Punches or iced tea, or fill it with tequila for easy dispensing shots to guests. Pretty much any cold drink can be served from a beer tube. This makes them ideal for any occasion, watching sports with friends, garden parties or even weddings.

How To Use A Beer Tube

A beer tube is a simple piece of home bar kit to use. There are a variety of designs, however they all work pretty much in the same way.

If the beer tube does not come assembled, they are easy to put together. The tube slots into the base unit and the tap screws in at the bottom. Then it is just a case of securing the top, which will either push in place or screw in place.

If an ice stick is provided then this will normally run the length of the tube and line up at the bottom and and the top with the lid. Another version fits to the lid before the lid is secured.

The best way to fill the tube is just as you would fill a glass, slightly tilt the beer tube at an angle to minimise on the head.

Cleaning a Beer Tube

What Is A Beer Tube

There is no need for a pressure washer. The best way to clean a beer tube is to rinse it out first with water. Second add a little sanitizer or glass cleaning solution with a little water and put the lid on.

Give the tube a good shake to circulate the cleaning solution, then run the solution through the tap. This will thoroughly clean the tube as well as the tap.

Finally add some water and again shake to rinse the sanitizer or cleaning solution and pass it through the tap to rinse that too. Then just leave to dry and it will be ready to go again.

It is important to keep the beer tube clean, this will give the best results when using it.

Final Thoughts

Even if your home bar boasts a full draught system, it is still a great idea to have a beer tube or two. Fill one with beer from your draught beer and take it outside on a nice day. It saves carrying a tray full of drinks, just one vessel instead.

They are so versatile that you can take them any where and enjoy a few drinks with friends. Easy to use, easy to clean and easy to store when not in use.

A beer tube or tower is an easy way to get a beer tap experience without too much expense and or equipment. It will never be as good as a real draught system, but its versatility does make it appealing for any occasion.

As always do share your thoughts on beer tubes, or ask a question and I will reply as soon as possible.

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