What Is The Best Size For A Pub Shed

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Building a pub shed is an exciting project and there are many things to consider. Probably the first thing to consider is how big the shed should be. So what is the best size for a pub shed?

Sheds come in all shapes and sizes, so there are plenty to choose from. However it is going to cost money to build and once it is done, you have to live with it. So the size becomes an important part of the planning process.

What Is The Best Size For A Pub Shed?

It all depends on how you are going to use your pub shed. If it is just to serve drinks from in your garden, then it can be as little as 4ft x 4ft. However if you want the shed to accommodate guests with seating then 12ft x 8ft would probably be the starting size. The bigger the better is the best size, the more room the more options you have.

What Is The Smallest Pub Shed?

The smallest pub shed of say 4ft x 4ft is not going to accommodate a bar inside and there won’t be anywhere to sit. The shed itself will be the bar. The best way to make this happen is to make a serving hatch in the side of the shed.

Although he video shows a larger shed with a serving hatch, this is the ideal thing to do for a small 4ft x 4ft shed. The bottom half of the serving hatch becomes the bar top.

The inside space is ideal for shelving for bottles and glasses and will leave enough room for one person to serve.

This size shed is ideal if the garden is small and space is tight. Also a great size to turn into a Tiki Bar and easy to achieve too.

The Bigger Shed

I would say this is the best option for a slightly bigger shed of 6ft x 4ft too. Although you could actually fit a small bar inside a 6ft x 4ft shed, that is pretty much all you would fit. However it would probably be enough room for one or two stools in front of the bar, at a push.

The bigger the shed the more options we have, an 8ft x 8ft shed will allow a bar and a small seating area. An 8ft x 10ft shed will allow a little more space. A few bar stools and maybe a small table with a few chairs.

However space is still limited in this size pub shed, but will still make for a great home pub.

What Is The Biggest Pub Shed?

There is no real limit to how big you go with a pub shed. It all depends on the space available and the regulations in your area.

I think the starting point for a bigger pub shed is 12ft x 8ft which gives a decent amount of space for a good size bar. It will also allow for bar stools and a table with seating area.

There may even be enough room for a dartboard. The playing area needed for a dartboard is around 11ft x 5ft, so this size shed is still tight for games.

I think the ideal size is 16ft x 10ft which gives plenty of space for a bar with shelving at the back. Also plenty of room for a good size table and seating area.

The Bigger the Pub Shed The Better

Obviously the bigger the pub shed the more options we have in how we kit it out. The shed in the video is around 16ft x 20ft and I think that is as big as you need to go. This one has a dartboard as well as a pool table and still has plenty of room for seating.

Unless you want a full size snooker table in your pub shed then I think 16ft x 20ft is probably big enough for anyone.

However space and budget in the end will be the biggest factor on how big we build our pub sheds.

What Is The Best Size For A Pub Shed?

The best size pub shed is the size that fits your circumstances. The first factor to determine the size of your shed is the space you have available. A small garden will probably not accommodate a 16ft x 20ft shed.

The second factor is budget, building a small pub shed will be relatively inexpensive. The bigger you go the more it will cost to build the shed.

Also it will cost more to insulate, board out and decorate. Furthermore the bigger the shed the more furniture you will need to fill it.

If space and budget are both a plenty then it just comes down to choice and how you will use your pub shed.

I have a pub shed build planned for early next year and the size I am looking at is around 16ft x 10ft. The plan is to have the bar at one end with a seating area in front and along one side. The other end is planned for brewing beer.

This is why I say the size of your pub shed depends on how you are going to use it. I could probably go down a size if I were not going to use it for brewing beer.

So the best size for a pub shed is what you decide it is based on how you will use it.

Final Thoughts

Before you decide on the size of pub shed you build, think about how you are going to use it. Measure out the space you have available for the shed. This will give you the first indicator of how big you can go.

Mark out the size on the ground, on a hard surface you can use chalk and on grass you can use paint. Do the same with what is going in your shed, mark out the bar, seating, anything that will be part of the interior.

This will give you a full size plan of your pub shed and how much room you have inside.

Once all this is done, you can build the perfect size pub shed for you. I hope this has helped you decide on the size of pub shed you will build. If you have already built your pub shed, then share any tips you have below to help others.

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