Will A Pool Table Fit In My Home Bar?

Having a home bar is a dream in itself, but having a variety of bar games as well is the cherry on top. There are many bar games we can choose for our home bars. Pinball is a great game for a bar, and darts has to be up there as a top bar game. We all love pool though, and to have one in our home bar would be the ultimate.

A pinball will not take up too much space, and you don’t need a big play area. Darts take up only a small space for the equipment, but does need a larger play area. A pool table needs space and even more space for the play area.

So, how much space is actually needed for a pool table and the play area combined?

Will A Pool Table Fit In My Home Bar?

This will depend on the size of your home bar, but the good news is that pool tables do come in a variety of sizes. Pool cues also come in different sizes, so it might be possible to pair up the right combination for the space available.

To find the space needed, add together the play field size and twice the length of the cue. Do this for both width and length to give the total area needed for the table and the play area.

Pool Table Size

Pool Table Size

It is important to get the right size pool table for the room available. There is no fun trying to play pool in a space that is not big enough for the table. Hitting your cue on a wall or obstacle will take all the joy out of playing pool. Lifting the cue at an adverse angle will not solve the problem and will hinder your game.

The right amount of space is needed around the pool table to play comfortably. Measuring your room will determine what size pool table will fit. Bear in mind other furniture and obstacles, low furniture will not hinder the cue. Taller furniture may get in the way of playing the cue. Also, take into account any doors that open inwards into the room. We don’t want doors swinging open into the play area.

Six Foot Pool Table

A 6ft pool table measures 75 inches (190cm) by 45 inches (112cm). The play field length (cushion to cushion) measures 63 inches (160cm) and the width 32 inches (82cm). This is the size of a British 6ft pool table.

A six-foot pool table combined with the smallest cue size gives you the smallest space possible to play comfortably. Your height will depend on the cue size you will need. A taller person will have a longer reach, so will need a longer cue.

The six-foot table is the one most commonly used in homes for the obvious reason, space-saving.

Seven Foot Pool Table

A 7ft pool table as you would expect measures 84 inches (213cm) by 48 inches (121cm). The play field measures 73 inches (183cm) by 36 inches (91cm). This is the size of a British 7ft table, the 7ft American table is a little bigger.

American 7ft pool table measures 92 inches (234cm) by 53 inches (135cm). The play field measures 79 inches (200cm) by 39 inches (100cm).

The seven-foot pool table is most commonly found in bars and is the smallest found in America.

Eight Foot Pool Table

An 8ft table measures 102 inches (259cm) by 59 inches (150cm). The play field area is 88 inches (224cm) by 44 inches (112cm). These are popular in Britain, but are an American mid range size and known as a tournament table.

A great sized pool table to play on and the one to have if space will allow.

Nine Foot Pool Tables

Those that have no space issues can go for the monster nine foot table. A 9ft table measures 114 inches (289cm) by 64 inches (163cm). The play field is 100 inches (254cm) by 50 inches (127cm).

An impressive table, the nine footer is the American full sized table and great for a home bar if you are serious about your pool.

That is the tables covered, time to look at the cue.

Pool Cue Size

Pool Cue Size

Our height will determine the size of pool cue we will need for our reach. A person six-foot and above will not find it comfortable playing with a small cue. This is the same for a shorter person playing with a large cue, shot accuracy will be compromised.

  • Large 58 inch
  • Medium 52 inch
  • Small 48 inch
  • Smallest 36 inch

The standard cue size is considered 58 inches (147cm) and will need to be this size if you are around 5′ 10″ or above. A 52 – 54 inch cue will suit anyone below 5′ 10″, but above 5′.

Between 4′ and 5′ and a 42-inch cue would suit best, but if you are below 4′, then a 36-inch cue will be a better option. I have heard of a 61-inch cue for very tall people, and I guess you can have a size custom-built.

Okay, so how do I calculate the area.

What Size Area Will I Need?

It is best to start your pool table project off with the room you have available. Measure the space where you would like your pool table to go. Take into account any obstacles or furniture that might get in the way. Don’t just measure the whole room, unless of course it is empty.

Only measure the area that is free from obstacles. Put some tape down on the floor to mark out the free area, then measure the tape dimensions.

Using the chart will give a guide to the size pool table that will fit into that space. Remember to calculate the cue size too.

Room Size Guide Chart

Table SizeCue SizeRoom Size
Six Foot48 inches14′ 3″ X 11′ 7″ / 4.35m X 3.56m
Six Foot 52 inches14′ 9″ X 12′ 4″ / 4.54m X 3.77m
Six Foot58 inches15′ 9″ X 13′ 4″ / 4.84m X 4.08m
Seven Foot48 inches15′ 6″ X 12′ 4″ / 4.75m X 3.77m
Seven Foot52 inches16′ 3″ X 13′ 0″ / 4.96m X 3.96m
Seven Foot58 inches17′ 3″ X 14′ 0″ / 5.27m X 4.26m
Eight Foot48 inches16′ 5″ x 12′ 9″ / 5.02m X 3.93m
Eight Foot52 inches17′ 1″ X 13′ 5″ / 5.21m X 4.11m
Eight Foot58 inches18′ 1″ X 14′ 5″ / 5.51m X 4.38m
Nine Foot48 inches17′ 5″ X 13′ 3″ / 5.33m X 4.05m
Nine Foot52 inches18′ 1″ X 14′ 0″ / 5.51m X 4.26m
Nine Foot58 inches19′ 1″ X 15′ 0″ / 5.82m X 4.57m
Measurements Are Approximate And A Guide Only. Always Make Your Own Measurements.

A simple way to measure for the right space is to double the measurement of the cue to allow for the play space. A 58 inch (147cm) cue will give a measurement of 116 inches (294cm).

Now measure the play field of the table. A seven-foot table has a play field of 39 inches (100cm). Add these two measurements together, which will give 155 inches (394cm). This is the total width you will need for playing comfortably.

Do the same with the length, we know the cue measurement is 116 inches (295cm). The play field length of the same table will be 79 inches (200cm). A total length of the play area would be 195 inches (495cm).

The room size needed then for a seven-foot pool table combined with a 58-inch cue is 155 inches (394cm) by 195 inches (495cm). That is 12′ 9″ (3.94 m) by 16′ 2″ (4.95m).

All measurements are approximate and a guide only.

Now, are we forgetting anything?

One More Thing

One More Thing

The measuring has been done and you are satisfied that there is room for the chosen size pool table to fit in your home bar. It is time to order the table and take delivery. Just one more thing to consider before you actually order the table.

Will the pool table navigate smoothly to its chosen destination?

Pool tables are bulky and consist of large parts even before assembly, so measure widths, heights and lengths of the route. Measure doorways, hallways, turns and height restrictions. Share these with the delivery team before they bring your pool table to make sure they can navigate without problems.

It will save a lot of grief on delivery day.

Final Thoughts

A pool table is a great addition to the home bar, unfortunately not all of us have the space to have one. The information provided will determine whether you do have the space for a pool table. Those that do have the space, it will be an exciting time. Just remember to work out the easiest route for your pool tables destination.

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